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Junior Lifeguards

 Junior Lifeguard programs were developed to provide beach and water safety training for boys and girls. The programs provide a sound aquatic background while acquainting participants with the hazards of the marine environment. Programs provide education and experience in ocean safety, first aid, rescue techniques, beach activities, physical fitness, and marine safety operations, while exposing participants to an environment that emphasizes courtesy, respect, discipline and good sportsmanship.

Programs are designed for children ages 9 to 17. Programs will vary in length and content but participants must meet the minimum requirements of the agency's program they wish to participate in. Although programs vary, participants are usually placed into one of four age divisions:

    AA  16 - 17 years old
    A    14 - 15 years old
    B    12 - 13 years old
    C      9 - 11 years old

    Junior Lifeguards are invited to compete at the CSLSA Regional Competition each year in July, the USLA National competition each August, and the California State Games each July.

    Junior Guard Annual Contest
    Each summer, the CSLSA Junior Guards host a contest awarding one $100 scholarship to the winning entry in each of the age divisions (C, B, A, AA) totaling a $400 purse.


    The type of contest is decided each year and could involve posters, photography or essays. The winning artwork selections are entered in the USLA’s national contest every November. View winning samples of Bumper Stickers, Posters, Tidebook Covers and Essays from previous years by clicking on the relative words.


          posterThe challenge for 2017 is a special one... to create a logo for the CSLSA Junior Lifeguards. What is a logo? A logo is a unique symbol that identifies an organization. For example, NASA, CSLSA, USLA, Starbucks, Olympics (5 rings), the NFL, etc. all have logos. This logo is affixed, included or printed on all communications, stationary, t-shirts, etc. to aid and promote instant public recognition. Unlike previous years, there will only be one contest winner this year. The winner will receive a $400 scholarship.

CLICK HERE to view the 2017 Contest Rules.


    Division AA:
    Division A:
    Division B:
    Division C:

          Congratulations to the following winners of 2016’s Artwork contest. They each have been awarded a $100 scholarship. CLICK HERE to view their artwork.
No entry
Sammi Starks (Huntington State Beach)
Katie Weir (Huntington State Beach)
No entry

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    Junior Lifeguards of the Year
    Each year, nominations are received from CSLSA's JG agencies for outstanding guards of the year. CSLSA donates $200 towards scholarships for the winners. The winners are also highlighted in the Feature section of our JG magazine.


          2016 Junior Lifeguard of the Year awardees:
            Macie Buell (Seal Beach) -- Overall winner
            Zoe Ziebarth (Newport Beach)
            Anna-Marie Scott (Santa Cruz)
            Danilo Martinez and Adeilna Martinez (co-awardees from Port Hueneme)
            Avery Schaffner (Huntington State Beach)

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