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In 2016, CSLSA created a medal for their own Medal of Valor award (MOV), the highest award given to a lifeguard who voluntarily risked his/her life in an extraordinary effort to save a life. In 2018, the CSLSA added a sub-category to the MOV, the Public Safety/Military Non-Lifeguard Medal of Valor. Recipients are honored at a CSLSA Board of Directors meeting and given both a medal and certificate of heroism.
          CSLSA Lifeguard Medal of Valor Award

            2018 Recipients

  • Brian Kari - LA County Lifeguard Specialist
  • Matt Rhodes - LA County Lifeguard Specialist
  • Tyson Cleveland - Lifeguard, Oceanside
  • Victor Dhillon - Lifeguard, Oceanside
  • Nicholas (Kaipo) Kelley - Lifeguard, Oceanside
  • Marko Lagendijk - Lifeguard, Camp Pendleton
  • Emile Lagendijk - Lifeguard, Oceanside
  • Matt Mattison - Lifeguard, Oceanside
  • Dieter Swank - Lifeguard, Oceanside
  •             Click Here to view descriptions of their rescues and a list of past recipients.

              CSLSA Public Safety/Military Non-Lifeguard Medal of Valor Award

          2018 Recipient

          Daniel Black
          Catalina Island
          Conservancy Ranger
          Los Angeles County, CA
      Ranger Daniel Black hiked a mile down a cliff in responding to an overturned boat on the seaward side of Catalina Island. 7 victims were somewhere in the water. While two Baywatch rescue boats found 3 of them and a good samaritan boat picked up 2 more, there were still 2 other victims somewhere near the shore. Ranger Black found 1 victim on the sand and suffering from multiple wounds. After rendering a quick first aid, he then searched for the second victim. Looking at the crushed boat, he saw a hand waving through a hole in the bow. As the surf was pounding the vessel, he pulled the victim through the hole and onto shore. This victim was suffering from critical wounds. The victim was transferred to a rescue boat and flown to a hospital. For his heroic actions in saving the life of this hidden victim, Daniel Black was awarded the first CSLSA Public Safety/Military Non-Lifeguard Medal of Valor.

              CSLSA Heroic Act Award

    Both the USLA and CSLSA honor non-lifeguard citizens with the Heroic Acts award for rescues or attempted rescues that put their own lives in danger. The recipient and his/her family are invited to a CSLSA Board of Directors meeting to receive a collective thank you and a certificate of heroism.

            2017 Recipient

          Scott Huckabey
          Senior State Parks Aide
          Bolsa Chica State Beach
      On January 17, 2017, Senior Park Aide Scott Huckabey observed a surfer floating face down in the 56 degree ocean at Bolsa Chica State Beach. Without rescue equipment or formal training, he pulled the victim to shore and performed CPR (learned in an introductory CPR class provided to park aides in 2016). Soon, State Lifeguards and Huntington Beach Paramedics arrived to continue the resuscitation. At the hospital, it was determined that the surfer suffered a heart attack. After surgery, the victim made a full recovery. For this selfless, voluntary action that resulted in a saved life, Scott Huckabey was honored with the CSLSA Heroic Act award at the Fall 2017 Board of Directors meeting.

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    A special 'thank you' to Duke's Restaurants of California for sponsoring the CSLSA Medal of Valor.