Encinitas, CA
October 10 & 11, 2013
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  Thursday, October 10, 2013


I.          Meeting called to order by Mr. Beuerlein at 9:29 A.M.

          A.          Pledge of Allegiance          -          Mrs. Graham

            B.          Welcome and Introductions     -     Mr. Beuerlein

            C.          Roll Call of Delegates          -         Mr. Humphreys

Chapter No. of
Possible No.
of Delegates
Proxies Total
California State 264 8 8 0 8
Capitola 0 0 0 0 0
Coronado 9 2 1 0 1
Del Mar 6 2 1 1 2
Encinitas 29 3 3 0 3
Huntington Beach 158 6 5 1 6
Imperial Beach 2 2 0 0 0
Laguna Beach 91 4 2 2 4
Lake Mission Viejo 15 2 2 0 2
Long Beach 13 2 2 0 2
Los Angeles City 44 3 1 1 2
Los Angeles County (LACOLA) 186 6 4 2 6
Los Angeles County Lakes 35 3 3 0 3
Newport Beach 75 4 4 0 4
Oceanside 12 2 2 0 2
Orange County Lifeguards 18 3 0 0 0
Pendleton Coast 9 2 1 1 2
Pismo Beach 20 3 3 0 3
Port Hueneme 2 2 0 0 0
San Clemente 47 3 2 1 3
San Diego 103 5 3 2 5
San Luis Obispo Co. 21 3 0 0 0
Santa Barbara 50 3 0 0 0
Santa Barbara Co. (Campus Pt) 10 2 1 0 1
Santa Cruz 47 3 2 0 2
Seal Beach 50 3 3 0 3
Solana Beach 1 0 0 0 0
Tucson 1 0 0 0 0
Ventura County 9 2 0 0 0
TOTAL 1,327 83 53 11 64
*28 required for quorum

II.       Approval of Board of Director's Meeting Minutes - Mission Viejo, April 11 & 12, 2013

MOTION:             Moved by Mr. Moore to approve the Minutes as submitted.
SECOND:             Mr. Ragsdale
ACTION:              MPU

III.       Officer's Reports

            A.         President                      -        Mr. Beuerlein          -        ATTACHMENT          1

            B.         Vice President              -         Mrs. Graham          -        ATTACHMENT          2

            C.         Secretary                      -        Mr. Humphreys           -    ATTACHMENT          3

            D.         Treasurer                      -        Mr. Williams           -        ATTACHMENT          4

            E.         Past President/Advisor   -        Mr. R. McGowan       -    VERBAL REPORT          

1.                  Mr. McGowan thanked volunteers at the Regionals and highlighted the benefits of electronic reports submitted prior to the BOD meeting as done at the USLA.

            F.         1st Executive Delegate    -        Mrs. Boyer            -        ATTACHMENT          5

            G.         2nd Executive Delegate   -       Mr. Avila               -        ATTACHMENT          6

1.                  Mr. Avila congratulated the State competition team for coming in first in the Regional competition and second in the National competition.

            H.         3rd Executive Delegate   -        Mr. Butki              -         NO REPORT          

            I.          4th Executive Delegate    -        Mr. Silvestri           -        ATTACHMENTS        7

IV.       Committee Activity Reports

            A.         Bylaws/Policies/Procedures  -  Mr. Humphreys      - See ATTACHMENT          3

            B.         Certification                    -        Mr. Lombardi     -           ATTACHMENT          8

1.                  Mr. Beuerlein spoke to the importance of USLA certification of agencies, which has helped standardize training and practices and enhanced the professionalism of lifesaving throughout the United States.

            C.         Lifesaving Sport and Fitness  - Mr. Butki            -           ATTACHMENT           9

            D.         Exchanges                      -        Mr. Leach/ McGowan -  ATTACHMENT           10

            E.         Grants                            -        Mr. Lizotte            -        NO REPORT          

            F.         Junior Lifeguards            -        Mrs. Boyer/Ms.Walton - ATTACHMENT           11

            G.         Legislation                     -        Mr. Peabody        -          EMAIL REPORT          

1.                  Mr. Beuerlein relayed an email sent by Mr. Peabody. Mr. Peabody has tendered his resignation to focus on personal priorities. Mr. Beuerlein thanked Mr. Peabody for his longstanding service and contributions to the CSLSA as a former delegate, member of the Executive Board, and committee chair.

            H.         Membership                  -         Mrs. Graham          -      ATTACHMENT            12

            I.          Newsletter                     -         Mr. Godino            -      ATTACHMENT            13

            J.          Original Founders          -         Mr. R. McGowan   -      VERBAL REPORT          

1.                  Mr. McGowan gave the background of the Original Founders Committee, following the USLA model with a focus on organizing the USLA 50th anniversary meeting. Hobie Polarized will be creating 50th USLA anniversary edition sunglasses; challenge coin key chains are in the works; and 50th anniversary towels. Mr. McGowan requested additional suggestions for registration gifts or mementos.

            K.         Professional Standards   -        Mr. Jacobson          -     EMAIL REPORT          

1.                  Mr. Beuerlein relayed an email sent by Mr. Jacobson. Mr. Jacobson has tendered his resignation due to time constraints and an inability to attend meetings.

            L.          Public Education            -        Mr. Silvestri            -     ATTACHMENT            14

1.                  Mr. Beuerlein provided a brief background on Project Wipeout and plans for future expansion beyond Orange County. He also thanked the CA State Lifeguard association for their contributions to the CSLSA.

           M.         Public Relations           -           Mr. Bond               -     ATTACHMENT            15

           N.         Special Awards/Presentations -Mr. Pepito              -     ATTACHMENT             16

           O.         Sponsorship                -           Mr. Avila                -     ATTACHMENT             17

           P.          Statistics                     -           Mr. Peabody          -     NO REPORT          

1.                  Mr. Beuerlein stressed the importance of providing accurate and timely statistics for the CSLSA.

           Q.         Training & Operations    -        Mr. Scott               -     ATTACHMENT             18

           R.          Ways and Means          -         Mr. Williams           -    NO REPORT

1.                  Ways and Means Committee will meet at 8:15 a.m. on Friday, October 11, 2013.

           S.          Website                         -        Mr. Moore             -     ATTACHMENT             19

V.       Special Awards & Presentations

VI.      Sponsor Presentations

1.                  Presentations by meeting sponsors Makai Surf and Rescue and the John Wayne Cancer Foundation. Thank you to both sponsors for supporting the CSLSA.

VII.     Special Presentation

1.                  Mr. Leach introduced Shane Elder and Jack Turner who were unanimously selected to represent the CSLSA on the 2013/14 New Zealand Exchange. The Seal Beach AJ Summers Memorial Fund and the CSLSA both donated $500 to Mr. Turner and Mr. Elder for the exchange. Congratulations to Mr. Turner and Mr. Elder.

---Lunch Break---

VIII.    Elections
           A. President

MOTION: Motion by Mr. Ragsdale to nominate Mr. Beuerlein as President.
SECOND:            Mr. Lombardi
DISCUSSION: Request for further nominations. None received.
MOTION:             Moved by Mr. McGowan to close nominations.
SECOND:            Mr. Ragsdale
ACTION:             MPU (Mr. Beuerlein elected President by acclamation)

           B. Vice-President

MOTION: Motion by Mr. Scott to nominate Mr. Humphreys as Vice President.
SECOND:            Mr. Pepito
DISCUSSION: Request for further nominations. None received.
MOTION:             Moved by Mr. Ragsdale to close nominations.
SECOND:            Mr. Lombardi
ACTION:             MPU (Mr. Humphreys elected Vice President by acclamation)

           C. Secretary

MOTION: Motion by Mr. Winfield to nominate Mr. Bond as Secretary.
SECOND:            Mr. Leeper
DISCUSSION: Request for further nominations. None received.
MOTION:             Moved by Mr. Graham to close nominations.
SECOND:            Mr. Butki
ACTION:             MPU (Mr. Bond elected Secretary by acclamation)

           D. Treasurer

MOTION: Motion by Mr. Moore to nominate Mr. Williams as Treasurer.
SECOND:            Mr. Gray
DISCUSSION: Request for further nominations. None received.
MOTION:             Moved by Mr. Lombardi to close nominations.
SECOND:            Mr. Ragsdale
ACTION:             MPU (Mr. Williams elected Treasurer by acclamation)

           E. Advisor

APPOINTMENT: As President-Elect, Mr. Beuerlein appointed Mr. McGowan to serve as Advisor.
MOTION:              Motion by Mr. Ragsdale to approve the President-Elect's appointment of Mr. McGowan as Advisor.
SECOND:             Mr. Hughes
ACTION:              MPU (Mr. McGowan approved as Advisor by acclamation)

           F. 1st Delegate

MOTION: Motion by Mr. Pepito to nominate Mr. Silvestri as 1st Delegate.
SECOND:            Mr. Dymmel
DISCUSSION: Request for further nominations. None received.
MOTION:             Moved by Mrs. Graham to close nominations.
SECOND:            Mr. Williams
ACTION:             MPU (Mr. Silvestri elected 1st Delegate by acclamation)

           G. 2nd Delegate

MOTION: Motion by Mr. McGowan to nominate Mr. Avila as 2nd Delegate.
SECOND:            Mr. Ragsdale
DISCUSSION: Request for further nominations. None received.
MOTION:             Moved by Mr. Lombardi to close nominations.
SECOND:            Mr. Pepito
ACTION:             MPU (Mr. Avila elected 2nd Delegate by acclamation)

           H. 3rd Delegate

MOTION: Motion by Mr. Humphreys to nominate Mr. Burton as 3rd Delegate.
SECOND:            Mr. Scott
MOTION: Motion by Mrs. Graham to nominate Mr. Butki as 3rd Delegate.
SECOND:            Mr. Williams
DISCUSSION: Request for further nominations. None received.
MOTION:             Moved by Mr. Avila to close nominations.
SECOND:            Mr. McGowan
DISCUSSION:    Mr. Burton declined the nomination and withdrew his name.
ACTION:             MPU (Mr. Butki elected 3rd Delegate by acclamation)

           I. 4th Delegate

MOTION: Motion by Mr. Humphreys to nominate Mr. Burton as 4th Delegate.
SECOND:            Mr. Bolin
MOTION: Motion by Mrs. Boyer to nominate Mr. Leeper as 4th Delegate.
SECOND:            Mr. Conwell
DISCUSSION: Request for further nominations. None received.
MOTION:             Moved by Mr. Ragsdale to close nominations.
SECOND:            Mr. Bailey
DISCUSSION:    Mr. Burton declined the nomination and withdrew his name.
ACTION:             MPU (Mr. Leeper elected 4th Delegate by acclamation)

IX.       Committee Workshops/Working Groups

--- Meeting Recessed for the day at 5:15 p.m. ---

Friday, October 11, 2013 - Meeting reconvened at 9:18 a.m.

X.       Committee Action Reports from Workshops

            A.         Bylaws/Policies & Procedure - Mr. Humphreys      -      VERBAL REPORT

1.                  Committee discussed elections and need for minor modification to Bylaws to address voting procedures. Draft modifications will be developed over the next six months and will be presented to the BOD.

            B.         Certification                   -         Mr. Lombardi        -       ATTACHMENT           20

            C.        Lifesaving Sport and Fitness  -   Mr. Butki              -       NO REPORT

1.                  Discussed opposition to changes to the Taplin relays and Master's scoring at Nationals; Official's training on Friday at the Spring USLA meeting; discussed ways to draw more volunteers for officials for Regionals; logistics for Regionals to speed up the events; modification of swimmer/rescue buoy to reduce confusion; graphics will be improved on the web site; modifications to A & B finals; Huntington Beach State was selected for 2014 & 2015 CSLSA Regionals; attempting to encourage younger guards' participation in World Championships; and discussed USLA & CSLSA sponsorship opportunities from Ocean Minded Sandals.

            D.         Exchanges                    -         Mr. Leach/ T. McGowan-NO REPORT

            E.         Grants                          -          Mr. Lizotte            -        NO REPORT          

            F.         Junior Lifeguards          -          Mrs. Boyer           -         ATTACHMENT          21

            G.         Legislation                   -          Mr. Peabody         -        NO REPORT

            H.         Membership                -          Mrs. Graham         -        ATTACHMENTS        22, 23, 23Word, 24

MOTION:             Moved by Mr. Moore to accept the contents of the report.
SECOND:             Mr. Lombardi
ACTION:              MPU

1.                  Further discussion ensued related to clarifying how the breakdown of dues should be conveyed to members. Mr. Moore explained that travel expenses, as an example, cover multiple areas, such as public education, beyond simply attending meetings. Mrs. Graham will continue refining to assist all members in understanding the breakdown of dues for lifeguards and Junior Lifeguards.

             I.         Newsletter                   -         Mr. Godino            -        NO REPORT

            J.         Original Founders         -         Mr. R. McGowan   -        NO REPORT

           K.         Professional Standards -         Mr. Jacobson          -       NO REPORT

            L.         Public Education          -         Mr. Silvestri            -        ATTACHMENT           25

           M.         Public Relations           -         Mr. Bond               -        ATTACHMENT           26

           N.         Special Awards/Presentations-Mr. Pepito             -        ATTACHMENT           27

           O.         Sponsorship                 -         Mr. Avila               -        ATTACHMENT           28

           P.          Statistics                      -         Mr. Peabody          -        NO REPORT          

           Q.         Training & Operations  -         Mr. Scott               -        NO REPORT

           R.         Ways and Means          -         Mr. Williams          -        ATTACHMENT           29

1.                  Mr. Williams answered questions pertaining to proposed budget submitted as part of the Treasurer's report.

MOTION:             Moved by Mr. McGowan to approve the 2014 CSLSA budget.
SECOND:             Mr. Ragsdale
ACTION:              MPU

           S.          Website                       -         Mr. Moore            -        NO REPORT

XI.       Old Business

           A.         Sponsorship/Promotions Policy-Mr. Avila            -        ATTACHMENT           30

1.                  Mr. Avila read the proposed policy.

MOTION:             Moved by Mrs. Graham to approve the Sponsorship and Promotions Policy.
SECOND:             Mr. Baily
ACTION:              MPU

  B. Dues Breakdown

1.                  Draft breakdown will be created by Mr. Williams and Mrs. Graham and will be reviewed by the Executive Committee before being brought back to the BOD.

  C. Spring 2014 USLA Meeting

1.                  Previously discussed; Mr. Beuerlein reiterated the importance of this event and requested assistance from all members of CSLSA. Mr. Williams discussed modifications to the meeting agenda, which will be presented in the fall to the USLA for approval. Option for members to just attend the educational conference and banquet/reunion on Saturday for a reduced fee. Once information is available, it will be posted on the CSLSA and USLA websites.

           D.         California Marine Safety Chiefs Association        -           NO REPORT

  E. Proposed USLA Policy for Public Education Materials - Update

1.                  Mr. Beuerlein reminded BOD of proposed USLA policy requiring regions to seek approval for use of Public Education materials prior to putting in place. At the Spring 2013 USLA Meeting, Mr. Beuerlein made a motion for specific guidelines, instead of a formal policy, to the USLA Public Education Committee. The committee unanimously approved Mr. Beuerlein's motion, but that action was omitted from the USLA Public Education Committee Action Report and draft meeting minutes. Mr. Beuerlein will contact the USLA Public Education Committee Chair prior to the fall 2013 USLA BOD meeting to have the committee report and meeting minutes accurately reflect what occurred in committee.

Mr. Beuerlein discussed the trademark status of the CSLSA logo. CSLSA applied for a trademark, but the U.S. Trademark office determined that the logo is too similar to grant a trademark without approval from the USLA. To this point, the USLA President has been concerned with protecting their logo and has indicated that he does not support the CSLSA's trademark application. Mr. Beuerlein will request that this issue be placed on the USLA Executive Committee agenda for discussion, since multiple regions, chapters, and agencies use some type of crossed oar logo. The general consensus is that the crossed oar logo represents all open water lifeguards from USLA chapters and certified agencies, and individual regions, chapters, and agencies should be able to personalize it with their own unique features, creating a recognizable symbol for lifeguards (crossed oars) with unique identifiers; thus, creating a common thread for all lifesavers that uniquely identifies their particular association or agency. Mr. Moore summarized this as "distinctly different, yet distinctly the same." Mr. Beuerlein will attempt to convey this and obtain approval for CSLSA and other regions, chapters, and agencies to utilize the crossed oar logo for non-commercial use.

XII.       New Business

  A. Shark Policy

1.                  Mr. Humphreys, Mr. Williams, and Mr. Giles provided background on the shark policy approved by SD Alert and adopted in draft form by the California Marine Safety Chiefs Association. Mr. Williams suggested that the CSLSA should not create a policy, since agencies will take whatever approach they deem most appropriate. Rather, Mr. Williams recommends that CSLSA adopt a positional paper pointing to existing policies. A request was made for any agency with an existing shark policy to submit it to Mr. Giles at Encinitas for consideration.

  B. California State Fire Marshal Rescue Swimmer Course

1.                  Mr. Williams updated the BOD on the progress of the Fire Marshal's proposed rescue swimmer course. This was in response to a drowning incident in Alameda. The CA State Fire Marshal is now looking at creating a three level course, initially implementing levels one and two (24 hours). Once the third level is added (16 additional hours), the course will meet the USLA guidelines for an Aquatic Rescue Response Team (ARRT) course. Term "rescue swimmer" has now been changed to "open water rescuer." In the long-term, this could benefit lifeguards through the beginnings of standardization of open water lifesaving recognized at a State level.

  C. Voice of Support for Executive Board

1.                  Mr. Moore expressed his sorrow in seeing Mrs. Graham and Mrs. Boyer leave the board, but congratulated Mr. Bond and Mr. Leeper for stepping up and serving on the board. Mr. Moore expressed his support of the $250 allocation for a Christmas get together for the Executive Board as a way of saying thank you to CSLSA Executive Board members for the work they do and to their spouses for the support they provide. He concluded with a asking for a round of applause for the current and new board members for their work on behalf of the members and the profession.

XIII.      Future Meetings

            A.         CSLSA Meetings Dates & Locations

1.                  Spring 2014

                       a.         Location: Seal Beach

                       b.         Dates:   April 10-11, 2014

2.                  Fall 2014

                       a.         Location: Los Angeles County, San Clemente, and Newport Beach have expressed interest in hosting.

                       b.         Dates:   October 9-10, 2014

            B.         USLA Meeting Dates & Location

1.                  Fall 2013

                       a.         Location: Mid-Atlantic Region - Hyannis, MA

                       b.         Dates:   November 7-9, 2013

2.                  Spring 2014

                       a.         Location: Southwest Region - Huntington Beach, CA

                       b.         Dates:   April 24-26, 2014

XIV.      Privilege of the Chair - Mr. Beuerlein

             A.         President's closing comments

 1.                 Mr. Beuerlein emphasized the amount of work that is being done by the CSLSA. There are many issues on the table, serious issues such as open water rescue policy and the shark policy that we don't own, but have input on. Issues under our purview include membership dues, the USLA 50th anniversary, sponsorship policies, public education, and the list goes on.

 2.                 Mr. Beuerlein complimented the California State Parks for their great attendance at this meeting, Regionals, Nationals, and for stepping up to host the 2014/15 Regional competitions.

 3.                 He thanked the San Diego county lifeguard chapters who participated in this meeting, those from other counties, and gave special thanks to those in attendance who aren't required to come but did so in an effort to support lifesaving.

 4.                 Additional thanks to Mrs. Graham and Mrs. Boyer for their years of service to the organization, but with the knowledge that they will still be active contributors to the CSLSA.

 5.                 Thanks to the sponsors, the John Wayne Foundation and Makai Surf and Rescue, and to the Encinitas Lifeguard Association, especially Mr. Veria and Mr. Giles, for making such a wonderful and productive meeting possible.

 6.                Mr. Beuerlein concluded with an invitation and encouragement to all to attend either the USLA or CSLSA spring meeting as they celebrate their 50 years as organizations dedicated to lifesaving.

XV.      Adjournment

MOTION:             Moved to adjourn by Mr. Hughes
SECOND:             Mr. Lombardi
ACTION:              MPU; meeting adjourned at 11:27 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Bill Humphreys
CSLSA Secretary