Redondo Beach, CA
October 8, 2015
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  Thursday, October 9, 2015


I.          Meeting called to order by Mr. Beuerlein at 8:39 A.M.

          A.          Pledge of Allegiance          -          Mr. Humphreys

            B.          Welcome and Introductions     -     Mr. Beuerlein

            C.          Roll Call of Delegates          -         Mr. Bond

Chapter No. of
Possible No.
of Delegates
Proxies Total
California State 318 8 8 0 8
Coronado 6 2 2 0 2
Del Mar 1 0 0 0 0
Encinitas 15 2 0 0 0
Huntington Beach 165 6 5 1 6
Imperial Beach 5 2 2 0 2
Laguna Beach 92 4 0 0 0
Lake Mission Viejo 10 2 2 0 2
Long Beach 78 4 2 2 4
Los Angeles City 44 3 1 1 2
Los Angeles County Beaches 167 6 4 2 6
Los Angeles County Lakes 29 3 3 0 3
Newport Beach 48 3 2 1 3
OC LGs-C.O.L.A. 24 3 0 0 0
Oceanside 8 2 2 0 2
Pendleton Coast 1 0 0 0 0
Pismo Beach 26 3 1 1 2
Port Hueneme 2 2 1 1 2
San Clemente 53 4 4 0 4
San Diego 121 5 0 0 0
San Luis Obispo Co. 26 3 0 0 0
Santa Barbara City 67 4 2 0 2
Santa Barbara County (Campus Pt) 6 2 2 0 2
Santa Cruz 54 4 3 1 4
Seal Beach 54 4 4 0 4
Solana Beach 0 0 0 0 0
Tucson, AZ 2 2 0 0 0
Ventura County 3 2 0 0 0
Independent/Unaffiliated 3 2 0 0 0
TOTAL 1,428 87 50 10 60

II.       Approval of Board of Director's Meeting Minutes - Newport Beach, April 9, 2015

MOTION:             Moved by Mr. Moore to approve the Minutes as submitted.
SECOND:             Mr. Ragsdale
ACTION:              MPU

MOTION:             Moved by Mr. Gray to approve the modifications to the agenda as stated by President Beuerlein.
SECOND:             Mr. Ragsdale
ACTION:              MPU

III.       Officer's Reports

            A.         President                      -        Mr. Beuerlein          -        ATTACHMENT          1

1.                  Mr. Beuerlein thanked the LA County Lifeguards for hosting the Board of Directors’ Meeting.

2.                  He also thanked the Executive Board for their work over the last term.

            B.         Vice President/Bylaws  -       Mr. Humphreys          -     ATTACHMENT           2

            C.         Secretary                       -       Mr. Bond                   -      NO REPORT

            D.         Treasurer                      -       Mr. Williams           -         ATTACHMENT           3

            E.         Past President/Advisor   -     Mr. R. McGowan       -      VERBAL REPORT          

1.                  Mr. McGowan would like to thank all of the participants of the Taplin Relay hosted by the Los Angeles County Lifeguards. He also provided an update on Alex Peabody. Mr. McGowan encouraged all board members to communicate with Alex via social media.

            F.         1st Executive Delegate    -     Mr. Silvestri            -         ATTACHMENT           4

            G.         2nd Executive Delegate   -    Mr. Avila               -          ATTACHMENT           5

            H.         3rd Executive Delegate   -     Mr. Butki              -           NO REPORT          

            I.          4th Executive Delegate    -     Mr. Leeper           -           VERBAL REPORT        

1.                  Mr. Leeper announced that he would be stepping down from the 4th delegate position and Junior Lifeguard Chair. He is excited to head the newly formed social media committee. Mr. Leeper wants to work with public relations and website committee to continue to promote professionalism in lifesaving.

IV.       Committee Activity Reports

            A.         Bylaws                           -       Mr. Humphreys     -        NO REPORT          

            B.         Certification                    -      Mr. Lombardi     -           ATTACHMENT           6

            C.         Exchanges                      -       Mr. Leetch           -          ATTACHMENT           7

            D.         Grants                            -      Read by Mr. Humphreys -      ATTACHMENT           8

            E.         Junior Lifeguards            -      Mr. Graham          -         ATTACHMENT           9

            F.         Legislation                       -      Mr. Sandler         -          ATTACHMENT           10          

            G.        Lifesaving Sport and Fitness-  Mr. Butki           -           ATTACHMENT           11

            H.        Membership                    -       Mrs. Graham        -         ATTACHMENT           12

            I.          Newsletter                     -         Mr. Godino          -         ATTACHMENT           13

            J.         Original Founders           -        Mr. R. McGowan   -      NO REPORT          

            K.        Professional Standards    -       Mr. Gipti               -        ATTACHMENT           14

            L.        Public Education            -         Mr. Silvestri            -     ATTACHMENT           15

            M.       Public Relations           -           Mr. Bond               -       ATTACHMENT           16

            N.        Special Awards/Presentations -Read by Mr. Richardson  -  ATTACHMENT           17

            O.        Sponsorship                   -         Mr. Avila               -       ATTACHMENT           18

            P.         Statistics                    -             Mr. Burton              -      ATTACHMENT           19

            Q.        Training & Operations    -        Mr. Scott               -       ATTACHMENT           20

            R.        Ways & Means             -           Mr. Williams           -    NO REPORT

            S.        Website                         -           Mr. Moore            -       ATTACHMENT            21

V.       Sponsor Presentations

1.                  Meeting sponsors provided presentations: Tuga Sunwear, Jolyn Clothing Co., Coolies Rashguards, John Wayne Cancer Foundation and Rinse Kit.

VI.      Special Awards and Presentations

1.                  Mr. Moore thanked John from the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center with a certificate of appreciation. John was able to provide the venue for the meeting on short notice.

2.                  President Beuerlein presented Fire Captain Mike Becktold with a USLA Heroic Act Award. Captain Becktold rescued three people on July 7, 2014 in six to eight foot surf at Coronado Beach. He was working as a firefighter during the critical ocean rescue.

---Lunch Break---

VI.      Special Awards and Presentations (continued)

3.                  The John Wayne Cancer Foundation asked the chapters to complete an interest survey for the Junior Lifeguard programs. They thanked the CSLSA board members for their continued lifesaving work.

VII.     Elections

MOTION:              A motion made by Mr. Moore to nominate the same Executive Board with the exception of the 4th delegate.
SECOND:              Mr. Lombardi
DISCUSSION:  Mr. Williams stated that a normal election is necessary for Roberts Rules of Order. Mr. Moore withdrew his motion.

MOTION:              Motion by Mrs. Graham to nominate Mr. Beuerlein as President.
SECOND:              Mr. Ragsdale
DISCUSSION:  Request for further nominations. None received.
MOTION:              Mr. Richardson made a motion to close nominations for President.
SECOND:              Mrs. Graham
ACTION:               MPU (Mr. Beuerlein elected President by acclamation)

MOTION:              Motion by Mr. Allen to nominate Mr. Humphreys as Vice President.
SECOND:              Mr. Gipiti
DISCUSSION:  Request for further nominations. None received.
MOTION:              Mrs. Graham made a motion to close nominations for Vice President.
SECOND:              Mr. Moore
ACTION:               MPU (Mr. Humphreys elected Vice-President by acclamation)

MOTION:              Motion by Mr. Bolin to nominate Mr. Bond as Secretary.
SECOND:              Mr. Richardson
DISCUSSION:  Request for further nominations. None received.
MOTION:              Mr. Moore made a motion to close nominations for Secretary.
SECOND:              Mr. Richardson
ACTION:               MPU (Mr. Bond elected Secretary by acclamation)

MOTION:              Motion by Mrs. Graham to nominate Mr. Williams as Treasurer.
SECOND:              Mr. Moore
DISCUSSION:  Request for further nominations. None received.
MOTION:              Mr. Richardson made a motion to close nominations for Treasurer.
SECOND:              Mr. Ragsdale
ACTION:               MPU (Mr. Williams elected Treasurer by acclamation)

Mr. Beuerlein to appointed Mr. McGowan as Advisor subject to approval of the Board of Directors.

SECOND:              Mr. Moore
ACTION:               MPU (Mr. McGowan approved as Advisor)

MOTION:              Motion by Mr. Moore to nominate Mr. Silvestri as First Delegate.
SECOND:              Mr. Gipiti
DISCUSSION:  Request for further nominations. None received.
MOTION:              Mr. Ragsdale made a motion to close nominations for First Delegate.
SECOND:              Mr. Richardson
ACTION:               MPU (Mr. Silvestri elected First Delegate by acclamation)

MOTION:              Motion by Mr. Moore to nominate Mr. Avila as Second Delegate.
SECOND:              Mr. Leetch
DISCUSSION:  Request for further nominations. None received.
MOTION:              Mr. Egan made a motion to close nominations for Second Delegate.
SECOND:              Mr. Gipiti
ACTION:               MPU (Mr. Avila elected Second Delegate by acclamation)

MOTION:              Motion by Mr. Egan to nominate Mr. Butki as Third Delegate.
SECOND:              Mr. Moore
DISCUSSION:  Request for further nominations. None received.
MOTION:              Mr. Gipiti made a motion to close nominations for Third Delegate.
SECOND:              Mr. Ragsdale
ACTION:               MPU (Mr. Butki elected Third Delegate by acclamation)

MOTION:              Motion by Mr. Egan to nominate Mr. Graham as Fourth Delegate.
SECOND:              Mr. Moore
DISCUSSION:  Request for further nominations.
MOTION:              Motion by Mr. Humphreys to nominate Mr. Leeper as Fourth Delegate.
SECOND:              Mr. Williams
DISCUSSION:  Mr. Leeper stated that he would withdraw from the election.
MOTION:              Mr. Ragsdale made a motion to close nominations for Fourth Delegate.
SECOND:              Mr. Gipiti
ACTION:               MPU (Mr. Graham elected Fourth Delegate by acclamation)

VIII.       Committee Action Reports from Workshops

            A.         Junior Lifeguards            -       Mr. Graham            -     ATTACHMENT           22

            B.         Lifesaving Sport and Fitness-  Mr. Butki             -        ATTACHMENT           23

            C.         Membership                   -        Mrs. Graham        -        ATTACHMENT           24

            D.         Professional Standards    -       Mr. Gipti              -        ATTACHMENT           25

            E.         Public Education             -       Mr. Silvestri          -       ATTACHMENT           26

            F.         Special Awards              -        Mr. Richardson      -       ATTACHMENT           27

            G.        Sponsorship                     -       Mr. Avila        -              ATTACHMENT           28

            H.        Training & Operations    -       Mr. Scott        -               ATTACHMENT           29

            I.          Ways & Means               -       Mr. Williams        -         ATTACHMENT           30

MOTION:              Mr. Richardson made a motion to approve the 2016 CSLSA budget.
SECOND:              Mr. Bailey
ACTION:               MPU

            J.          Social Media                -         Mr. Leeper        -            ATTACHMENT            31

IX.       Old Business

           A.         Dues Breakdown           -        Mrs. Graham        -        NO REPORT

           B.         OC Chiefs Association    -      Mr. Williams         -       NO REPORT

           C.         USOC                            -        Mr. Avila              -        NO REPORT

X.       New Business

          A.         Medal of Valor

1.                  CSLSA teamed with USLA and the City of Newport Beach to lobby for passage California Assembly Bill 489, which adds Ocean Lifeguards to the list of those eligible to receive the California Medal of Valor, our state’s highest honor for public safety employees. The bill also adds a representative of USLA to the California Medal of Valor selection committee. After months of lobbying and many letters by CSLSA agencies and chapters, the Governor signed AB489 and the new law will go into effect January 1, 2016.

           B.         CSLSA Financial Institution  -  Mr. Williams         -        NO REPORT

           C.         JG Account Competition Appropriations

1.                  The Executive Board has asked the Junior Lifeguard committee to recommend funding for Junior Lifeguard competitors. The JG committee decided to table this until the next meeting where they will come up with a suggestion for the Executive Board.

           D.         Tower Donation

1.                  Michael Cueto from California State Lifeguards is asking for donations for the Puerto Vallerta Lifeguards. Michael hopes that a tower or other rescue equipment can be given to assist lifesaving efforts. Please contact Michael by email at Michael.cueto@parks.ca.gov for more information.

           E.         Competition Database

1.                  Mr. Prosser asked if there is a CSLSA list of cap colors for competition. Mr. Butki said that Mr. Prosser created the last list many years ago. Mr. Sandler said that he has the most current document on file and will send it to the group.

           F.         Website Links

1.                  Mr. Moore received a request to add links to the website. The board of directors were not interested in additional links. President Beuerlein will contact the person who made the request.

XI.       Future Meetings

            A.         CSLSA Meetings Dates & Locations

1.                  Spring 2016

                       a.         Location: Coronodo

                       b.         Date:   April 7-8, 2016

MOTION:              A motion by Mr. Humphreys to make the Coronado meeting a 1 and ½ day meeting.
SECOND:             Mr. Gray
DISCUSSION:  Mr. Bailey suggests that we speak with Coronado before making plans for the longer event. Mr. Prosser asked if we would use the same format as previously used in two]day events. Mr. Beuerlein said the meeting would follow the traditional 1.5 day format and he would follow up with Coronado.
ACTION:              MPU

            B.         USLA Meeting Dates & Location

1.                  Fall 2015

                       a.         Location: Pacific Island – Kona, HI

                       b.         Dates:   November 12-14, 2015

XII.       Privilege of the Chair

             A.         President's closing comments

 1.                 The President thanked the sponsors and the Los Angeles County Lifeguard Association (Mrs. Charlotte Graham, Mr. Moore and crew) for hosting the event. Mr. Casey Graham was congratulated for taking over the fourth delegate position.

 2.                 President Beuerlein announced that Alex Peabody was unanimously voted in as a CSLSA Lifetime Member for his work from the California Surf Lifesaving Association.

XIII.       Adjournment

MOTION:             Motion to adjourn by Mr. Williams in memory of Bob Fennel.
SECOND:             Mr. Richardson
ACTION:              MPU; meeting adjourned at 5:47 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kai Bond
CSLSA Secretary