Police Dept. Community Room, City of Santa Cruz, CA
October 13 & 14, 2016
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  Thursday, October 13, 2016


I.          Meeting called to order by Mr. Beuerlein at 9:09 A.M.

          A.          Pledge of Allegiance          -          Mr. Humphreys

            B.          Welcome and Introductions     -     Mr. Beuerlein

            C.          Roll Call of Delegates          -         Mr. Bond

Chapter No. of
Possible No.
of Delegates
Proxies Total
California State 406 8 5 3 8
Coronado 10 2 0 0 2
Del Mar 15 2 0 0 2
Encinitas 14 2 1 0 3
Huntington Beach 161 6 3 2 5
Imperial Beach 2 2 0 0 0
Laguna Beach 99 4 1 0 1
Lake Mission Viejo 8 2 1 1 2
Long Beach 75 4 1 1 2
Los Angeles City 28 3 1 0 1
Los Angeles County Beaches 171 6 3 3 6
Los Angeles County Lakes 38 3 3 0 3
Monarch Beach 1 0 0 0 0
Newport Beach 33 3 3 0 3
OC LGs-C.O.L.A. 18 3 0 0 0
Oceanside 8 2 0 0 0
Pendleton Coast 9 2 0 0 0
Pismo Beach 0 0 0 0 0
Port Hueneme 3 2 1 0 1
San Clemente 51 4 3 1 4
San Diego 83 4 0 0 0
San Luis Obispo Co. 23 3 0 0 0
Santa Barbara City 16 3 0 0 0
Santa Barbara County (Campus Pt) 6 2 0 0 0
Santa Cruz 41 3 3 0 3
Santa Monica Harbor Patrol 2 2 1 0 1
Seal Beach 51 4 2 2 4
Solana Beach 9 2 0 0 0
Tucson, AZ 1 0 0 0 0
Ventura County 14 2 0 0 0
Independent/Unaffiliated 0 0 0 0 0
TOTAL 1396 85 32 13 45

II.       Approval of Board of Director's Meeting Minutes - Coronado Beach, April 7-8, 2016.

MOTION:             Moved by Mr. Ragsdale to approve the Minutes as submitted.
SECOND:             Mr. Richardson
ACTION:              MPU

III.       Officer's Reports

            A.         President                      -        Mr. Beuerlein          -        ATTACHMENT          1

1.                  Mr. Beuerlein thanked the Santa Cruz Lifesaving Association for hosting the Board of Directors Meeting. The President updated the Board of Directors on current events and activity since the last meeting.

            B.         Vice President                -       Mr. Humphreys          -     ATTACHMENT           2

1.                  Mr. Humphreys notified the Board of Directors of the passing of Lynn Hughes. There will be a memorial event in San Clemente in the near future where members will be able to pay tribute to his life and service. Invites will be sent out once the details are finalized.

            C.         Secretary                     -         Mr. Bond                   -      NO REPORT

            D.         Treasurer                     -         Mr. Williams           -        ATTACHMENT           3

1.                  Mr. Williams congratulated President Beuerlein on his recent retirement from the City of Huntington Beach. He also congratulated Chief Bailey on his recent appointment as the President of the Orange County Marine Safety Chiefs Association.

2.                  The Treasurer spoke about his involvement on the California Medal of Valor Committee. He was honored to be a part of the process and is proud to represent the CSLSA and the USLA on the selection committee.

            E.         Past President/Advisor   -   Mr. R. McGowan (absent)  -  NO REPORT          

            F.         1st Executive Delegate - Mr. Humphreys for Mr. Silvestri - ATTACHMENT     4

            G.         2nd Executive Delegate   -    Mr. Avila               -          ATTACHMENT           5

            H.         3rd Executive Delegate   -     Mr. Butki              -           ATTACHMENT           6

            I.          4th Executive Delegate    -    Mr. Graham           -           ATTACHMENT           7

IV.       Committee Activity Reports

            A.         Bylaws                           -    Mr. Humphreys     -            VERBAL REPORT          

1.                  The policy for the Life Membership has officially changed based on the Board of Directors vote at the Spring Meeting in Coronado. The document will be updated on the CSLSA website.

            B.         Certification  -    Mr. Richardson for Mr. Lombardi   -  NOT RECEIVED          8

            C.         Exchanges                      -    Mr. Leach           -             ATTACHMENT            9

            D.         Grants     -    Mr. Humphreys for Mr. Henderson     -   ATTACHMENT            10 (PowerPoint)

            E.         Junior Lifeguards           -      Mr. Graham          -           ATTACHMENT            7

            F.         Legislation     -   Mr. Beuerlein for Mr. Sandler    -        ATTACHMENT            11          

            G.        Lifesaving Sport and Fitness- Mr. Butki/Mr. Prosser  -   ATTACHMENT            6

            H.        Membership                  -       Mrs. Graham        -          ATTACHMENT             13

            I.         Newsletter                     -       Mr. Godino (absent)    -   ATTACHMENT             14

            J.         Original Founders    -      Mr. R. McGowan (absent)   -    NO REPORT          

            K.        Professional Standards    -     Mr. Gipti               -         ATTACHMENT              15

            L.         Public Education -  Mr. Humphreys for Mr. Silvestri -  ATTACHMENT              16

            M.        Public Relations           -        Mr. Bond               -        VERBAL REPORT          

            N.        Special Awards/Presentations -Mr. Richardson       -     ATTACHMENT              17

            O.        Sponsorship                   -      Mr. Avila                -       NO REPORT          

            P.         Statistics                    -          Mr. Burton              -       NO REPORT          

            Q.        Training & Operations    -      Mr. Scott                -       ATTACHMENT              18

            R.        Ways & Means             -       Mr. Williams           -        NO REPORT

            S.        Website                         -       Mr. Moore            -         ATTACHMENT              19

V.       Special Presentations

1.                  Renae Jackson provided a presentation on Ocean Lifeguard injuries. She is hoping to gather data from CSLSA members for both long and short term ailments.

VI.       Sponsor Presentations

1.                  Meeting sponsors provided presentations: Tuga UV Sun Protection and John Wayne Cancer Foundation.

VII.      Special Awards and Presentations

1.                  Mr. Beuerlein presented the USLA Medal of Valor to Chris Conley for his rescue of a distressed surfer during extraordinarily large conditions on December 11th, 2015.

2.                  Mr. Richardson honored President Beuerlein with the California Surf Lifesaving Association Life Membership Award for his commitment to the organization and dedication to open water lifesaving.             ATTACHMENT              20

Meeting reconvened on Friday, October 14th at 9:16 AM.

VIII.       Committee Action Reports from Workshops

            A.         Bylaws                          -       Mr. Humphreys      -        NO REPORT

            B.         Exchanges                     -       Mr. Leach              -        NO REPORT

            C.         Grants                           -       Mr. Bussato           -        NO REPORT

1.                  Mr. Bussato has been appointed by the President to chair the Grants committee.

            D.         Lifesaving Sport & Fitness  -  Mr. Prosser              -     ATTACHMENT              21

            E.         Membership                  -        Mrs. Graham           -      ATTACHMENT              22

            F.         Newsletter                    -        Mr. Godino              -      ATTACHMENT              14

1.                  The President is looking for volunteers to replace Mr. Godino as the chair of the Newsletter committee. He is requesting any interested parties to contact him as soon as possible. Mr. Richardson and Mr. Hughes expressed an interest in serving as Cal Surf News Editor until a permanent editor is found.

            G.        Professional Standards  -         Mr. Gipti                 -      ATTACHMENT              23

1.                  Mr. Gipti informed the board that Wes Dodd has passed away. He was the Treasurer of the CSBOA and recognized as an excellent training officer by his peers.

            H.        Public Education            -        Mr. Burton        -            ATTACHMENT               24

            I.         Special Awards             -        Mr. Richardson        -      ATTACHMENT               25

            J.         Sponsorship                  -         Mr. Avila             -         ATTACHMENT               5

1.                  Ms. Jackson offered to contact the business department at Long Beach State for potential volunteers to assist with sponsorship and request for proposals. She will communicate their response to Mr. Humphreys.

            K.        Statistics                       -         Mr. Burton           -         NO REPORT

            L.        Training & Operations    -        Mr. Scott              -         NO REPORT

           M.        Ways and Means           -        Mr. Williams          -        ATTACHMENT               3

MOTION:  Moved by Mr. Richardson for the CSLSA to pay the registration fee for CSLSA Executive Board Members at future CSLSA Board of Directors meetings (only if the employing agency is unwilling to pay).
SECOND:             Mr. Moore
ACTION:               MPU

MOTION:             Motion to approve the budget as submitted by the Treasurer.
SECOND:             Mr. Richardson
ACTION:              MPU

           N.        Website                         -         Mr. Moore              -       VERBAL REPORT

1.                  Mr. Moore urged the Board of Directors to turn in their reports to the Secretary on time.

           O.        Public Relations              -         Mr. Bond              -         VERBAL REPORT

1.                  The Public Relations Chair will be working with the Website Committee to make changes to our current webpage. Modifications include updated colors, interactive design and social media feeds from our Instagram and Facebook accounts. In addition, the website committee has been asked to make the webpage mobile device friendly. An additional $1000 was requested from the committee to complete these tasks. The funds were approved in Ways and Means.

IX.       Old Business

           A.         Sponsorship                -            Mr. Humphreys      -        VERBAL REPORT

1.                  Mr. Humphreys will send the current Request for Proposal to the Website Committee. This RFP will be posted in the near future.

           B.         USLA Textbook Revision  -      Mr. Humphreys       -       VERBAL REPORT

1.                  Mr. Humphreys urged the Board of Directors to send photos to Kyle Maxwell at kmaxwell@ebparks.org. Mr. Maxwell has been collecting images for the past year and this will be our last opportunity for 15 -20 years to get photos from the agencies in our region into the USLA textbook. Mr. Humphreys provided a list of updated materials and changes to the textbook. Exams, power point slides and online training links will be included in the latest edition.

           C.         Cal Marine Safety Chiefs Assoc. - Mr. Williams        -        NO REPORT

X.       New Business

           A.         LA County Name/Organization Change  - Mr. Moore -     VERBAL REPORT

1.                  Mr. Moore advised the Board of Directors that the LACOLA name has been changed to LACoSLSA (Los Angeles County Surf Lifesaving Association).

           B.         CSLSA JG Competition Fee Server  -       Mr. Egan     -    VERBAL REPORT

1.                  A motion was passed in committee that all Junior Lifeguard competition registration be paid in bulk through the USLA website via Blue Pay.

           C.         2016 USLA BOD Meeting in Denver   -    Mr. Beuerlein  - VERBAL REPORT

1.                  Mr. Butki notified the Board of Directors that Ed Zebrowski III was nominated and elected to be the USLA representative on the ILS Sports Commission. Mr. Butki has expressed interest in the position on multiple occasions and was disappointed that the USLA did not ask who was interested in the position and has no defined process for making such nominations. Mr. Beuerlein remarked that the USLA President has stated that the nomination process will be defined in the near future.

2.                  Mr. Williams updated the Board of Directors on the California Marine Safety Chiefs Association participation (CMSCA) at the USLA meeting in Denver. The CMSCA will be suggesting changes to the USLA Board of Director meeting and educational conference structure, and the USLA Certification program (to offer specialty training modules).

3.                  Mrs. Graham reviewed the potential increase of the USLA Junior Lifeguard dues. The USLA Membership Committee has tasked all regions to review this $2 increase. Mr. Williams would like to know specifically where the money would be allocated. He also said that the additional cost to junior members would likely deter new members from joining the USLA. Mr. Moore suggested that the fee be raised by $5. Mr. Avila said that membership benefits should be scaled back if the current $8 does not cover the cost. He is in favor of the increase to help fund the lifesaving sport competitors. Mr. Williams and Mr. Humphreys do not support the increase.

MOTION:  Mr. Ragsdale moved to support the USLA proposal to increase the Junior Lifeguard dues to $12.
SECOND:             Mr. Prosser
DISCUSSION:  It was suggested that the increased money should be allocated to a particular account.
ACTION:  Mr. Beuerlein took a straw poll and the vast majority of CSLSA Board of Directors indicated they would not be supporting the motion from the USLA Junior Lifeguard Committee at this time.

4.                  Mr. Humphreys advised that he will be re-proposing the modification to the delegate count at the Fall 2017 USLA meeting in Denver. The CSLSA Board of Directors indicated that they are supportive of his original proposal and will give the CSLSA Executive Board the option to modify the ratio as needed.

5.                  The recent change in the CSLSA Life Membership policy was reviewed. Mr. Moore believes that the 85% vote is unacceptable.

MOTION:  Mr. Moore moved that the CSLSA Life Membership Policy be changed to "A nominee may receive no more than one vote in opposition to confirm each Life Membership application."
SECOND:             Mr. Ragsdale
DISCUSSION:     Mr. Moore suggested that any opposition votes should be justified by committee members.
ACTION:               MPU

MOTION:  Mr. Moore moved to that the following change to the USLA Life Membership policy be proposed at the Membership Committee meeting in Denver: "A nominee may receive no more than one vote in opposition to confirm each Life Membership application". The Executive Board has the ability to negotiate and approve potential improvements to the policy change.
SECOND:             Mr. Williams
DISCUSSION:  CSLSA Board Members discussed the problems with the current USLA voting process.
ACTION:               MPU

           D.         CSLSA Standards, Certification and Training  - Mr. Beuerlein  - VERBAL REPORT

1.                  The California Marine Safety Chiefs Association is striving to standardize training by creating modules and certifications for specific agency skills. The CSLSA agrees with the idea and both groups are looking for support from the USLA. The CMSCA will be attending the USLA meeting in Denver to propose the idea to the certification committee.

           E.         ISLA             -                                                   Mr. Williams   - VERBAL REPORT

1.                  Mr. Williams wondered if it was true that the ISLA has "certified" the Santa Monica Harbor Patrol as an agency. Mr. Beuerlein explained that he was unaware if ISLA was a certifying organization. He stated that he was concerned that ISLA has not followed USLA and CSLSA recommendations to join ILS. Mr. Beuerlein said that more research should be conducted on this matter.

           F.         Injury Survey        -                                            Ms. Jackson    -  VERBAL REPORT

1.                  Ms. Jackson is requesting that the CSLSA distribute her anonymous survey to the members.

MOTION:              Mr. Williams moved for the CSLSA to email the survey provided by Ms. Jackson to the adult members.
SECOND:              Mr. Graham
DISCUSSION:  Ms. Jackson clarified the details of her survey. She believes that her survey will help reduce injury for our ocean lifeguards. Mr. Richardson suggests that we take this information to the USLA for distribution. Ms. Jackson is willing to write an article for the American Lifeguard Magazine to promote her survey.
ACTION:               MPU

MOTION:  Mr. Hughes moved that the CSLSA allocate $100 as an incentive for members to participate in Ms. Jackson's survey.
SECOND:             Mr. Gipti
ACTION:               MPU

           G.         USLA Life Member Nomination          -           Mr. Richardson  -   VERBAL REPORT

1.                  Mr. Richardson believes that Alex Peabody should be re-nominated as a USLA lifetime member. Mr. Moore suggests that we nominate both Alex Peabody and Mike Beuerlein at the next meeting.

XI.       Future Meetings

            A.         CSLSA Meetings Dates & Locations

1.                  Spring 2017

                       a.         Location: Port Hueneme/Oxnard

                       b.         Date:   April 6th and 7th, 2017

2.                  Fall 2017

                       a.         Location: Los Angeles City

                       b.         Date:   October 12th and 13th, 2017

            B.         USLA Meeting Dates & Location

1.                  Fall 2016

                       a.         Location: Denver, Colorado

                       b.         Dates:   November 3rd-5th, 2016

2.                  Spring 2017

                       a.         Location: Cape Cod, MA (New England Region)

                       b.         Date:  TBD

XII.       Privilege of the Chair

             A.         President's closing comments

 1.                 The President thanked the sponsors, and the Santa Cruz Lifesaving Association for hosting the event. Mr. Beuerlein commended Mr. Moore and Mr. Richardson on their commitment to Lifesaving. He is impressed by the work and professionalism by the Board of Directors at the meeting. The President is inspired by the dedication and cooperation of our volunteer organization.

XIII.       Adjournment

MOTION:             Mr. Humphreys moved to adjourn the meeting in memory of Alex Peabody and Lynn Hughes.
SECOND:             Mr. Richardson
ACTION:              MPU; meeting adjourned at 12:20 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kai Bond
CSLSA Secretary