Cabrillo Beach Bathhouse
3800 Stephen M White Drive, San Pedro, CA.
October 12th & 13th, 2017
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  Thursday, October 12, 2017


I.          Meeting called to order by Mr. Beuerlein at 9:18 a.m.

          A.          Pledge of Allegiance          -          Mr. Humphreys

            B.          Welcome and Introductions     -     Mr. Beuerlein

            C.          Roll Call of Delegates          -         Mr. Bond

Chapter No. of
Possible No.
of Delegates
Proxies Total
California State 316 8 8 0 8
Capitola 1 0 0 0 0
Carpenteria 2 2 0 0 0
Coronado 7 2 2 0 2
Del Mar 2 2 2 0 2
Encinitas 9 2 0 0 0
Huntington Beach 153 6 6 0 6
Imperial Beach 11 2 2 0 2
Laguna Beach 96 4 1 0 1
Lake Mission Viejo 3 2 2 0 2
Long Beach 11 4 2 2 4
Los Angeles City 14 2 2 0 2
Los Angeles County Beaches 144 5 5 0 5
Los Angeles County Lakes 34 3 3 0 3
Monarch Beach 1 0 0 0 0
Newport Beach 34 3 3 0 3
OC LGs-C.O.L.A. 23 3 0 0 0
Oceanside 8 2 2 0 2
Pendleton Coast 8 2 1 1 2
Pismo Beach 1 0 0 0 0
Port Hueneme 2 2 1 1 2
San Clemente 55 4 3 1 4
San Diego 82 4 0 0 0
San Luis Obispo Co. 1 0 0 0 0
Santa Barbara City 18 3 0 0 0
Santa Barbara County (Campus Pt) 5 2 0 0 0
Santa Cruz 45 3 3 0 3
Santa Monica Harbor Patrol 3 2 1 0 1
Seal Beach 53 4 3 1 4
Solana Beach 3 2 0 0 0
Tucson, AZ 2 2 0 0 0
Ventura County 19 3 0 0 0
Independent/Unaffiliated 12 2 0 0 0
TOTAL 1178 93 52 6 58

II.       Approval of Board of Director's Meeting Minutes - Port of Hueneme, April 6th and 7th, 2017.

MOTION:             Mr. Richardson moved to approve the Minutes as submitted.
SECOND:             Mr. Moore
ACTION:              MPU

III.       Officer's Reports

            A.         President                      -        Mr. Beuerlein          -        ATTACHMENT          1

1.                  Mr. Beuerlein expressed his concern about the delegate count debate at the previous USLA meeting. The CSLSA will continue to work with the USLA to modify the delegate count to accurately represent the number of members in every region.

2.                  The President commended Mr. Graham on his work at the previous board of directors meeting in Port Hueneme. Mr. Beuerlein also thanked John Anderson and Sean Cary for hosting the CSLSA Regional Competition in San Diego. He is looking forward to the next event in 2018.

3.                  Mr. Beuerlein suggested that elections be moved up one day to take advantage of larger attendance. He predicted that there would be great changes to the Executive Board for the next term. He encouraged new members to volunteer for a vacant position. The President announced that he will not be running for reelection as President, but was planning to remain on the CSLSA Executive Board as Past President. Mr. Beuerlein also noted that he had been nominated to run for Vice-President in the upcoming USLA elections.

MOTION:             Mrs. Graham moved to hold Executive Board elections after the lunch break.
SECOND:             Mr. Ragsdale
ACTION:              MPU

            B.         Vice President           -           Mr. Humphreys       -         ATTACHMENT           2

1.                  Mr. Humphreys commended the President for his dedication to the CSLSA. He announced that he will be running for President for the next term.

            C.         Secretary                     -         Mr. Bond                   -    VERBAL REPORT

1.                  Mr. Bond announced that he will not be running for an Executive Board position for the next term. He is thankful for the opportunity to serve the CSLSA as a Secretary and looks forward to continuing his work as a committee chair.

            D.         Treasurer                     -         Mr. Williams           -        ATTACHMENT            3

1.                  Mr. Williams announced that he will not be running for an Executive Board position. He will be assisting the new treasurer during the transition.

            E.         Past President/Advisor   -       Mr. R. McGowan   -        VERBAL REPORT          

1.                  Mr. McGowan announced that he will not be running for an elected position on the Executive Board. He stated he appreciates his time as an advisor and hopes that there will be significant changes on a national level.

            F.         1st Executive Delegate    -      Mr. Silvestri          -          ATTACHMENT           4

1.                  Mr. Silvestri stated that he intends to run for the first delegate. He provided an update of his current projects which are reflected in Attachment 4.

            G.         2nd Executive Delegate   -    Mr. Avila               -          ATTACHMENT             5

1.                  Mr. Avila announced that he will be running for Vice President this election.

            H.         3rd Executive Delegate   -     Mr. Butki              -           NO REPORT          

1.                  Mr. Butki will be running for 3rd delegate.

            I.          4th Executive Delegate    -    Mr. Graham           -           ATTACHMENT            6

1.                  Mr. Graham will be running for a position on the Executive Board.

IV.       Committee Activity Reports

            A.         Bylaws                          -     Mr. Humphreys     -            ATTACHMENT              2

            B.         Certification                   -    Mr. Lombardi        -           ATTACHMENT               7

            C.         Exchanges     -    Mr. Fiamengo for Mr. Leach     -        ATTACHMENT               8

            D.         Grants                           -     Mr. Busatto                -       NO REPORT          

            E.         Junior Lifeguards         -      Mr. Graham          -            ATTACHMENT               6

            F.         Legislation                     -     Mr.Sandler            -            ATTACHMENT               9          

            G.        Lifesaving Sport and Fitness- Mr. Butki/Mr. Prosser  -  ATTACHMENT              10

            H.        Membership                  -      Mrs. Graham        -            ATTACHMENT               11

            I.         Newsletter                     -      Mr. Hughes          -             ATTACHMENT               12

            J.         Original Founders         -      Mr. R. McGowan   -           NO REPORT          

            K.        Professional Standards    -   Mr. Gipti                -            NO REPORT          

            L.         Public Education          -     Mr. Silvestri          -             ATTACHMENT               13

            M.        Public Relations           -     Mr. Bond               -            VERBAL REPORT          

1.                  Mr. Bond welcomed any new members to attend the sub-committee in the afternoon. He will review potential website changes with the attendees.

            N.        Special Awards/Presentations -Mr. Richardson       -     ATTACHMENT                14

            O.        Sponsorship                  -      Mr. Avila                   -       ATTACHMENT                15

            P.         Statistics                    -         Mr. Burton                 -       NO REPORT          

            Q.        Training & Operations   -    Mr. Scott                   -       ATTACHMENT                 16

            R.        Ways & Means             -      Mr. Williams           -         NO REPORT

            S.        Website                         -      Mr. Moore               -         ATTACHMENT                 17

1.                  Mr. Moore thanked webmaster Pat Francis for her continued dedication to the CSLSA. He suggested that there be increased oversite for content that is placed on the new CSLSA website.

V.       Sponsor Presentations

1.                  Meeting vendors provided presentations:, Stormblade, 7till8 Wetsuits, Headhunter Sunscreen, and the John Wayne Cancer Foundation.

2.                  The following people received awards from the California Surf Lifesaving Association for their actions in an open water environment. Duke's Restaurant is a proud sponsor of these awards.

  • John Bahl
  • San Diego City Lifeguard Medal of Valor
  • Chris Ingalls
  • San Diego City Lifeguard Medal of Valor
  • David Wilson
  • Oceanside City Lifeguard Medal of Valor
  • Scott Huckabey
  • Huntington Bch State Non-Lifeguard Heroic Act

    VI.       Executive Board Elections

    MOTION:             Motion by Mr. Ragsdale to nominate Mr. Humphreys as President.
    SECOND:             Mr. Hughes
    DISCUSSION:     Request for further nominations. None received.
    MOTION:             Mr. Richardson made a motion to close nominations for President.
    SECOND:             Mrs. Graham
    DISCUSSION:     None
    ACTION:              MPU (Mr. Humphreys elected President by acclamation).

    MOTION:             Motion by Mr. Egan to nominate Mr. Avila as Vice President.
    SECOND:             Mr. Hughes
    DISCUSSION:     Request for further nominations. None received.
    MOTION:             Mr. McGowan made a motion to close nominations for Vice President.
    SECOND:             Mr. Lombardi
    DISCUSSION:     None
    ACTION:              MPU (Mr. Avila elected Vice-President by acclamation).

    MOTION:             Motion by Mr. Etnyre to nominate Mr. Graham as Secretary.
    SECOND:             Mr. McGowan
    DISCUSSION:     Request for further nominations. None received.
    MOTION:             Mr. Richardson made a motion to close nominations for Secretary.
    SECOND:             Mr. Richardson
    DISCUSSION:     None
    ACTION:              MPU (Mr. Graham elected Secretary by acclamation).

    MOTION:             Motion by Mr. Silvestri to nominate Mr. Allen as Treasurer.
    SECOND:             Mr. Butki
    DISCUSSION:     Request for further nominations. None received.
    MOTION:             Mr. Richardson made a motion to close nominations for Treasurer.
    SECOND:             Mr. Graham
    DISCUSSION:     None
    ACTION:              MPU (Mr. Allen elected Treasurer by acclamation).

    MOTION:             Motion by Mr. McGowan to appoint Mr. Beuerlein as Past President subject to approval of the Board of Directors.
    SECOND:             Mr. Bailey
    DISCUSSION:     None
    ACTION:              MPU (Mr. Beuerlein approved as Past President).

    MOTION:             Motion by Mr. Allen to nominate Mr. Silvestri as First Delegate.
    SECOND:             Mr. Richardson
    DISCUSSION:     Request for further nominations. None received.
    MOTION:             Mr. Richardson made a motion to close nominations for First Delegate.
    SECOND:             Mr. Bussatto
    DISCUSSION:     None
    ACTION:              MPU (Mr. Silvestri elected First Delegate by acclamation).

    MOTION:             Motion by Mrs. Graham to nominate Mr. Butki as Second Delegate.
    SECOND:             Mr. Silvestri
    DISCUSSION:     Request for further nominations. None received.
    MOTION:             Mr. McGowan made a motion to close nominations for Second Delegate.
    SECOND:             Mr. Richardson
    DISCUSSION:     None
    ACTION:              MPU (Mr. Butki elected Second Delegate by acclamation).

    MOTION:             Motion by Mr. Ragsdale to nominate Mr Hughes as Fourth Delegate.
    SECOND:             Mr. Gray
    DISCUSSION:     Request for further nominations. None received.
    MOTION:             Mr. Avila made a motion to close nominations for Fourth Delegate.
    SECOND:             Mr. McGowan
    DISCUSSION:     None
    ACTION:              MPU (Mr. Hughes elected Fourth Delegate by acclamation).

    MOTION:             Motion by Mr. McGowan to destroy ballots.
    SECOND:             Mr. Miles
    DISCUSSION:     None
    ACTION:              MPU

    Meeting reconvened on Friday, October 13th at 9:02 AM.

    VII.       Committee Action Reports from Workshops

                A.         Bylaws                          -       Mr. Humphreys       -        NO REPORT

                B.         Certification                  -       Mr. Lombardi          -        VERBAL REPORT

    1.                  The certification committee met and discussed to the differences between the AART and basic USLA Certification. Mr. Lombardi will be working with Mr. Gould to determine what certification Capitola needs to apply for based on their current program. Mr. Lombardi will be working with Capitola to assist with the application process.

                C.         Exchanges                     -       Mr. Fiamengo         -         ATTACHMENT            18

                D.         Grants                           -       Mr. Bussato             -         NO REPORT           

                E.         Junior Lifeguards          -       Mr. Egan                  -        ATTACHMENT            19

                F.         Legislation                    -        Mr. Sandler             -         NO REPORT           

               G.         Lifesaving Sport & Fitness  - Mr. Prosser              -        ATTACHMENT            20

               H.         Membership                    -      Mrs. Graham           -        ATTACHMENT            21

                I.         Newsletter                       -      Mr. Hughes               -       NO REPORT          

                J.         Original Founders           -      Mr. McGowan         -        NO REPORT          

               K.         Professional Standards    -     Mr. Gipti                  -        NO REPORT          

               L.         Public Education             -     Mr. Silvestri             -        ATTACHMENT             22

               M.        Public Relations             -      Mr. Bond                 -        VERBAL REPORT          

    1.                  The Public Relations Committee meeting was well attended. Three new volunteers are willing to post new content for the CSLSA Facebook and Instagram feeds. Mr. Bond reviewed his work with Studio 11 Productions to update the association website. The cut over to the new site will occur within the next calendar year. Mr. Bond thanked Mr. Moore and Pat Francis for their years of work on the current CSLSA site.

               N.        Special Awards               -      Mr. Richardson         -       ATTACHMENT             23

    1.                  Mr. Moore thanked Mr. Richardson for his work as the Chair of the Special Awards Committee. Mr. Beuerlein commented that the award ceremony yesterday was probably our best ever and an excellent example of professionalism.

               O.        Sponsorship                     -      Mr. Avila                 -       VERBAL REPORT          

    1.                  Mr. Avila reviewed the pros and cons of alcohol sponsorship. This is an ongoing issue that will be discussed further under new business.

               P.         Statistics                          -      Mr. Burton                 -      NO REPORT          

              Q.        Training & Operations      -     Mr. Scott                   -       ATTACHMENT             24

              R.        Ways and Means              -      Mr. Williams              -      VERBAL REPORT          

    MOTION:  Mr. Egan moved that the donated money from the John Wayne Cancer Foundation ($5000) be restricted for Public Education.
    SECOND:             Mr. Moore
    ACTION:               MPU

    MOTION:             Mr. Silvestri moved to accept the 2018 budget for the CSLSA.
    SECOND:             Mr. Ragsdale
    DISCUSSION:     None
    ACTION:              MPU

    1.                  Mr. Williams has appreciated his time serving as the Treasurer of the CSLSA. He wishes the best of luck to the new Treasurer and the incoming Executive Board.

              S.         Website                          -        Mr. Moore                 -      ATTACHMENT             25

    1.                  Mr. Moore commended the Board of Directors on their professionalism and is proud to serve as a member of the Association. He reminded the committee chairs to turn in their reports as soon as possible. He requested that the new President relay the appointed committee chair e-mail information to the webmaster. Mr. Moore thanked Pat Francis for over 20 years of dedicated service to the CSLSA.

    VIII.       Old Business

               A.         Bylaw Amendments, Revisions and Corrections

    MOTION:  Mr. Moore moved to approve the amendments, revisions and corrections of the Bylaws posted in the spring 2017 Board of Directors minutes.
    SECOND:             Mr. Richardson
    DISCUSSION:     None
    ACTION:              MPU

               B.          USLA Rescue Watercraft Working Group

    1.                  Mr. Bond updated the group on the status of the Personal Rescue Watercraft Operator course. He is hoping that the curriculum will be approved at the Fall USLA meeting in Vancouver.

               C.          USLA Textbook Revisions                               -             Mr. Humphreys

    1.                  Mr. Humphreys fielded questions about the new edition of the USLA textbook.

               D.          California Marine Safety Chiefs Association      -          NO REPORT

    IX.       New Business

               A.          USLA Mailbox

    1.                  Mr. Beuerlein advised the Board of Directors on the status of the USLA mailbox. Currently, this is a shared mailbox of the CSLSA. The USLA Treasurer, Mr. Bradley, is asking for suggestions on how to separate and/or manage the mail. Mrs. Graham suggests that the CSLSA request a postage stipend from USLA to take care of the day to day mailing costs. Mr. Richardson said that he is willing to pick up and send the mail. The topic will be discussed at the USLA Board of Directors meeting in Vancouver.

               B.          Alcohol Sponsorship for CSLSA

    1.                  Mr. Moore is opposed to alcohol sponsorship however understands that it has been a necessary funding source for CSLSA activities. Mr. Williams agreed with Mr. Moore and understands both sides of the issue. Cities like Santa Cruz are not able to have beach events sponsored by Alcohol.

    2.                  Although Mr. Beuerlein has historically opposed alcohol sponsorship, he said that it has been our most reliable source of funding membership and non-JG competition items. The membership committee has recommended that the CSLSA no longer place alcohol logos on membership items. CSLSA has a policy that states that alcohol logos cannot be placed on items given to junior members.

    3.                  Mr. Humphreys suggested that the association should explore other opportunities with alcohol companies to generate a safety campaign for preventing drowning. This conversation will continue at future meetings.

               C.          Future CSLSA Sponsorship

    1.                  Mr. Avila stated that we currently do not have a contract with Mr. Hubble. The Executive Board could explore different avenues based on the direction of the board of directors. Mr. Avila said that dropping alcohol sponsorship would cost us approximately $20,000. Mr. Humphreys and the Executive Board have a request for proposal ready to use for potential sponsorship. The topic will be placed on the agenda for the next Executive Board meeting in January.

               D.          Step and Repeat Banner, Public Information Officer and Press Releases.

    1.                  Mr. Butki requested $500 for a banner that would be a background of all of our meetings and special events. He believes that it will be an enhancement to our organization. Mr. Williams suggested that we look at the travel or public education budget and not make action today.

    2.                  Mr. Butki suggested that we appoint Mr. Sandler as the Public Information Officer based on his professional experience. Mr. Beuerlein will contact Mr. Sandler about serving as CSLSA PIO and drafting a press release for our most recent awards ceremony. It was also suggested that we add our medal of valor ceremony on Facebook Live.

               E.          4850 Compensation

    1.                  Mr. Lagendijk expressed concerns that 4850 compensation will continue to be denied to professional Lifeguards. He said that a democratic elected official needs to champion this cause. Mr. Avila stated that when a person is injured on the job, the incident will be reviewed by the State of California on a case by case basis. Mr. Beuerlein suggested that this matter be reviewed by the CSLSA Legislation Committee and added to the California Marine Safety Chiefs Association agenda.

    X.       Future Meetings

                A.         USLA Meeting Dates & Locations

    1.                  Fall 2017

                           a.         Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

                           b.         Dates:   October 20th and 21st, 2017

    2.                  Spring 2018

                           a.         Location: Long Beach, CA

                           b.         Date:  April 26th, 27th and 28th, 2018

                B.         CSLSA Meeting Dates & Locations

    1.                  Spring 2018

                           a.         Location: Los Angeles County, CA .

                           b.         Date:   April 12th and 13th, 2018

    2.                  Fall 2018

                           a.         Location: Newport Beach, CA

                           b.         Date:   October 11th and 12th, 2018

    XI.       Privilege of the Chair

                 A.         President's closing comments

     1.                 The President thanked the sponsors and the Los Angeles City Lifeguard Association for hosting the event. Mr. Beuerlein commended all of the committee chairs for working with one another to complete special projects. He thanked Mr. Moore and Mr. Richardson for their work on the bylaws committee. Mr. Beuerlein highlighted the importance of the special awards and presentations for the future. The President is thankful for his time serving as a leader of the California Surf Lifesaving Association. He is optimistic and proud of the future of the organization.

    XII.       Adjournment

    MOTION:             Mr. Silvestri moved to adjourn the meeting in memory of Richard Godino.
    SECOND:             Mr. Graham
    DISCUSSION:     None
    ACTION:              MPU; meeting adjourned at 12:06 p.m.

    Respectfully Submitted,

    Kai Bond
    CSLSA Secretary