GENERAL BOARD MEETING
                                 San Clemente, California
                                  October 13 & 14, 1994
                                                  PRINTED VERSION
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Thursday, October 13, 1994


I.          Meeting called to order by President Chris Brewster at 9:15 AM.

              A.        Pledge of Allegiance                   -        Mr. McGowan

              B.        Welcome and Introductions     -           Mr. Brewster

              C.        Roll Call of Delegates                 -        Mr. Richardson

Chapter Members Delegates Votes
Proxies Total
California State-North 10 2 2 - 2
California State-South 8 2 1 - 1
Camp Pendleton 10 2 1 - 1
Central Coast 21 3 3 - 0
Coronado 16 3 3 - 0
Capitola 5 2 2 - 0
Del Mar 30 3 1 - 1
Encinitas 0 0 0 - 0
Hawaii 0 0 0 - 0
Huntington Beach 97 4 4 - 4
LA City 18 3 3 - 2
LA County Lakes 43 3 1 1 2
LACOLA 116 5 5/*3 *2 5
Laguna Beach 65 4 2 - 2
Long Beach 40 3 3 - 3
Mission Viejo 20 3 3 - 2
Newport Beach 141 5 4 1 5
Oceanside 3 2 2 - 2
Port Hueneme 1 0 0 - 0
San Clemente 2 2 2 - 2
San Diego 50 50 3 - 3
Santa Barbara 16 16 0 - 0
Santa Cruz 50 50 1/*2 - 1/*2
Seal Beach 34 34 3 - 3
Solana Beach 40 40 0 - 0
Tucson 1 0 0 - 0
Ventura County 0 0 0 - 0
TOTAL 840 68 40/*41 2 42/*43

a - Quorum is 23   b - Simple majority is 35 (Thurs)   c - Simple majority is 13 (Fri)
Proxy List - Delegates
Gordon Gray for John Rgasdale (LACO Lakes)
Eric Bauer for Brian O'Rourke (Newport)
*Bob Moore for Tracy Lizzottee (LACOLA)
*Ira Gruber for Shari Latta (LACOLA)


II.                    Approval of Minutes — Rosarito Beach, Baja California, April 14 & 15, 1994


MOTION:                      Moved by Mr. Gruber to approve the minutes as submitted.

SECOND:                     Mr. Bauer

DISCUSSION:              None

ACTION:                      MPU

III.       Officer’s Reports

               A.        President                       Mr. Brewster                ATTACHMENT             A

           B.        Vice President                Mr. McGowan              Verbal Report             

                          1.           Concerns over membership issues:

                                     a.     Relatively low membership numbers, even with the kits.
                     b.     Perception of use of JG Memberships as funding source only.
                     c.     Scott Hubbell has asked that each committee consider wish lists of needs that he may be able to provide.

           C.        Secretary                       Mr. Richardson               ATTACHMENT             B

           D.        Treasurer                       Mr. Bowman                  ATTACHMENT             C

                          1.           Approval of Treasurer's Report tabled


MOTION:                      Moved by Mr. Reinisch to approve the Treasurer's Report as submitted / amended.

SECOND:                     Mr. Smith

DISCUSSION:              Asked for a report on the discrepancy regarding the money from Mr. Hubbell (to be reported at the next meeting.)

ACTION:                      MPU

           E.         Recurrent Rep               Mr. Weisser                    ATTACHMENT              D

           F.         Advisor                         Mr. Moore                      ATTACHMENT              E

IV.       Committee Reports

                A.        Bylaws Committee        Mr. Richardson                Nothing to report.           

                B.        Certification                   Mr. Brewster                  Nothing to report.           

                           1.          Asked for commitments from various Chapters regarding expected submission dates for USLA certification.

C.        Competition                   Mr. McGowan                ATTACHMENT             F

D.        Exchange Committee      Mr. Weisser                   ATTACHMENT             G

                           1.          Introduced Chris Graham, one of the delegates to the USA/Auckland Exchange.

E.        Heroic Acts                    Ms. Latta                       ATTACHMENT             H

                           1.          Heroic Acts Presentations were approved and created for:

                                       - Chuck Linnen - Charity Dalton - Brian Schwary

F.        Int'l Lifesaving                 Mr. Bowman                  Verbal Report            

1.                  Re-advised that WLS is now merged with FIS to become ILS (International Lifesaving Society).

2.                  WLS Championships

                                     a.      '96 Championships will be in Durbin, South Africa
                     b.     '98 Championships will be in Auckland, New Zealand

3.                  Reported that he had received a letter from Charles Thompson in which he expressed concern over USA lack of representation at the initial ILS meeting in Great Britain.

G.        Legislation                      Mr. Gruber                     Verbal Report               

1.                  Still awaiting information from Chapters regarding legislation issues.

2.                  Steve White from California State Parks reported on ADA's impact on JG programs.

                                     a.     Concerns on cost of accomodation for individuals who require same.
                     b.     Washington, Dept. of Justice experts reported that the ADA did in fact impact a Junior Program. Increased expenditures
                             are not considered an overriding factor which would preclude disabled individuals from a program. Every "good faith"
                             effort must be made to accomodate disabled individuals.
                     c.     Participation is guaranteed, however, at what level is not.

H.        Membership                    Mr. Gray                       ATTACHMENT               I

1.                  Reported on kit distribution as well as decals, pins, etc.

2.                  Will discuss several kit issues in committee.

            I.         Newsletter                       Mr. Bartlett                   ATTACHMENT               J

            J.         Public Education              Mr. Humphreys             ATTACHMENT               K

12:05 pm     Recessed for lunch.

V.         Awards Presentation - Scott Deihl, Mayor, City of San Clemente

1:15 pm       Meeting reconvened.

VI.        Committee Workshops (as directed)

5:00 pm       Meeting recessed until Friday morning

Friday, October 14, 1994

1:15 pm       Meeting reconvened at 9:15 am

VII.      Committee Reports from Workshops

                A.        Competition                    Mr. McGowan              ATTACHMENT                L

MOTION:                     Moved by Mr. Gruber to approve the committee report as submitted.

SECOND:                     Mr. Smith

DISCUSSION:              None

ACTION:                      MPU

                B.        Exchange Committee        Mr. Weisser                ATTACHMENT                M

MOTION:                     Moved by Mr. Bauer to approve the committee report as submitted.

SECOND:                     Mr. Gray

DISCUSSION:              None

ACTION:                      MPU

                C.        Heroic Acts                     Mr. Bauer                   ATTACHMENT                N

MOTION:                     Moved by Mr. Moore to approve the committee report as submitted.

SECOND:                     Mr. Martinek

DISCUSSION:              None

ACTION:                      MPU

                D.        Legislation                       Mr. Gruber                 ATTACHMENT                 O

                           1.          Support of personal watercraft legislation.

MOTION:                     Moved by Mr. Reinisch to approve support of personal watercraft legislation (copy attached).

SECOND:                     Mr. Smith

DISCUSSION:              None

ACTION:                      MPU

                           2.          Letter of support to agencies regarding public safety retirement.

MOTION:                     Moved by Mr. Bauer to write a letter requesting agencies to provide facts for the number of agencies currently
                                     on safety series. Mr. Brewster will write such letter.

SECOND:                     Mr. Hegberg

DISCUSSION:              Concern for not becoming too political and to handle this issue cautiously.

ACTION:                      MPU

                           3.          Creation and organization of city, state and county codes that apply to lifeguarding and marine safety.

MOTION:                     Moved by Mr. Hegberg to create a library of such materials.

SECOND:                     Mr. Buckner

DISCUSSION:              None

ACTION:                      MPU

                           4.          Recommend re-submitting Cancer Presumption Bill after the election.

                E.        Membership                     Mr. Gray                  ATTACHMENT                  P

MOTION:                    Moved by Mr. Moore to approve the committee report as submitted.

SECOND:                    Mr. Reinisch

DISCUSSION:             None

ACTION:                     MPU

                F.        Newsletter                        Mr. Bartlett             ATTACHMENT                   Q

MOTION:                    Moved by Mr. Beuerlein to approve the committee report as amended.

SECOND:                    Mr. Smith

DISCUSSION:             *Concern on deadline needing to follow the USLA meeting.
                                     *Add Mr. Burnside's historical perspective.
                                     *Provide a brief synopsis of the CSLSA & USLA meeting highlights.
                                     *Amend the motion to be $500 this year, with review of the incentive program at the next meeting (with approval of Motion maker & seconder).

ACTION:                     MPU

                G.        Public Ed Report              Mr. Beuerlein          ATTACHMENT                   R

MOTION:                    Moved by Mr. Reinisch to approve the committee report as submitted.

SECOND:                    Mr. Halphide

DISCUSSION: Where did the idea of an iguana come from? Previously created concept that was believed to be marketable to youth. The item has been tested through previous use.  

ACTION:                     MPU

VII.      Old Business

                A.        Payment of bills - submit to the Treasurer.

                B.        Approval of Treasurer's Report (shown under Treasurer's Report on Friday)

VIII.      New Business

A.        USLA Spring / Fall meeting - San Diego

1.                  Agenda items

                       a.     CSLSA/USLA blood drive
                     b.     Support of CSLSA position that the Recurrent Rep position need only be a member in good standing and not limited
                             to recurrents only. Basically, the reason is to maintain regional autonomy as to who represents the region.

B.        Report by Mr. Smith on concerns with USLA Nationals regarding the MOU between Santa Cruz SLSA and the Northwest.
            Expressed that Santa Cruz SLSA Board was not in support of the currently recommended contract.

C.        Recognition of San Clemente Chapter for their efforts in putting on this meeting.

                D.        CSLSA Meeting Dates & Locations

 1.         Spring 1995

                                     a.        Location:           Santa Cruz
                                     b.        Dates:               April 27 & 28, 1995

 2.         Fall 1995 - Election Meeting

                                     a.        Location:           Newport Beach
                                     b.        Dates:               October 12 & 13, 1995 (tentative)

                E.        Other Business - None

IX.                Adjournment

MOTION:                    Moved to adjourn by Mr. Summers
SECOND:                   Mr. Gruber
DISCUSSION:            None
ACTION:                    MPU; Meeting adjourned at 12:45 PM

Submitted by:

William J. Richardson, Secretary