GENERAL BOARD MEETING
                                 Newport Beach, California
                                  October 12 & 13, 1995
                                                  PRINTED VERSION
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Thursday, October 12, 1995


I.          Meeting called to order by President Chris Brewster at 9:15 AM.

              A.        Pledge of Allegiance                   -        Mr. Moore

              B.        Welcome and Introductions     -           Mr. Brewster

              C.        Roll Call of Delegates                 -        Mr. Richardson

Chapter Members Delegates Votes
Proxies Total
California State-North 39 3 1 0/*1 1/2*
California State-South 76 4 3/2* 0/1* 3
Camp Pendleton 10 2 1 - 1
Central Coast 20 3 0 - 0
Coronado 2 0 0 - 0
Capitola 4 2 0 - 0
Del Mar 32 3 3 - 3
Encinitas 21 3 0 - 0
Hawaii 18 3 0 - 0
Huntington Beach 107 5 5/4* 0/1* 5
LA City 22 3 2/1 0/1* 2
LA County Lakes 42 4 2 1 3
LACOLA 95 4 4 - 4
Laguna Beach 45 3 1/1 0/1* 1/2*
Long Beach 40 3 2 - 2
Mission Viejo 23 3 3 - 3
Newport Beach 150 5 5/3* 0/2* 5
Oceanside 14 2 3 - 3
Port Hueneme 25 3 0 - 0
San Clemente 35 3 1 - 1
San Diego 90 4 4 - 4
Santa Barbara 9 2 0 - 0
Santa Cruz 50 3 1 - 1
Seal Beach 30 3 3 - 3
Solana Beach 37 3 0 - 0
Tucson 76 4 0 - 0
Ventura County 5 2 0 - 0
TOTAL 1,117 84 46/41* 1/9* 48/47*

*Second Day Changes
Registered Proxies Cal State--North for Steve White by Carl Drake
  Cal State--South for Randy Eickhoff  by Steve Long
  Huntington Beach for Max Bowman by Bill Richardson
  LA City for Richard Godino Manya Traub
  LA County Lakes for John Ragsdale by Gordon Gray
  Laguna Beach for Scott Diederich  by Mark Klosterman 
  Newport Beach for Mike Halphide by Eric Bauer
  Newport Beach for Jim Turner by Reenie Boyer
  Encinitas for Jeff Snow by Tom Buckner


II.                    Approval of Minutes — Santa Cruz Meeting - April 27 & 28, 1995


MOTION:                      Moved by Mr. Summers to approve the minutes as submitted.

SECOND:                     Mr. Bauer

DISCUSSION:              None

ACTION:                      MPU

III.       Officer’s Reports

               A.        President                       Mr. Brewster                   ATTACHMENT              A

           B.        Vice President                Mr. McGowan                ATTACHMENT              B

           C.        Secretary                       Mr. Richardson                ATTACHMENT             C

           D.        Treasurer                       Mr. Bowman                   ATTACHMENT              D

                        Approval of the Treasurer's Report - (action taken on Friday is recorded here for clarity)

MOTION:                     Moved by Mr. Gray to approve the Treasurer's Report as submitted.

SECOND:                     Mr. Humphreys

DISCUSSION:              None

ACTION:                      MPU

           E.         Recurrent Rep               Mr. Weisser                    ATTACHMENT               E

           F.         Advisor                         Mr. Moore                      ATTACHMENT               F

                       Mr. Moore presented LA County Lifeguard Chief Donald C. Rohrer with Life Membership in CSLSA.

IV.       Presentations

                A.        Product demonstration by Hartwell Medical Systems - Don Guyer

                B.        Presentation of Medal of Valor to Sean Cicchetto of the San Diego Lifeguard Service for his heroic action on April 25, 1993.

C.        A short presentation by Chris McAleer of Newport Beach a young surfer who struck his head during a
            surfing accident at 48th Street, Newport Beach, resulting in a severe debilitating cervical accident.
            He has accepted the challenge of carrying the message of "Project Wipeout" for Hoag Hospital into schools.

            Kris O'Neal Hoag's "Project Wipeout" Director can be reached through Hoag Hospital at the following address and phone number:

                                      Hoag Memorial Hospital, Presbyterian
                    301 Newport Blvd.       Phone: 714-760-5528 x7116
                      P.O. Box 6100             Fax: 714-760-2106
                    Newport Beach,CA 92658-6100

LUNCH - 12:15 - 1:45 p.m.

Meeting reconvened at 1:50 p.m.

V.       Committee Reports

                A.        Bylaws                          Mr. Richardson                 Nothing to report

                B.        Certification                   Mr. Brewster                    Nothing additional to report; See President's report           

C.        Competition                  Mr. McGowan                  ATTACHMENT             G

D.        Exchange Committee     Mr. Weisser                     ATTACHMENT             H

E.         Heroic Acts                   Ms. Latta                         ATTACHMENT              I

F.         Int'l Lifesaving                Mr. Brewster                   Brief Overview of ILS info            

            G.         Jr. Lifeguards                 Mrs. Boyer                      ATTACHMENT              J

H.         Legislation                     Mr. Gruber                      No report at this time               

                             Reminder to send ordinances, etc., to Mr. Gruber

I.           Membership                  Mr. Gray                         ATTACHMENT              K

            J.           Newsletter                     Mr. Bartlett                     ATTACHMENT               L

            K.         Public Education             Mr. Humphreys               Verbal-no attachments

             Reported that the committee had expended slightly under budget for the Surviving the Surf poster.
             The next project was likely to be the Rodney the Iguana program.
             The committee will meet to discuss their next project.

             Many posters are still available for chapters. Contact Bill Humphreys or Mike Beuerlein for them.

VI.         Committee Workshops (as directed)

Friday, October 12, 1995

            Meeting reconvened at 9:00 a.m., October 13, 1995

            Continuation of workshops as needed.

VII.      Committee Reports from Workshops

                A.        Competition                     Mr. McGowan               ATTACHMENT                M

MOTION:                     Moved by Mr. Gray to approve the committee report as submitted.

SECOND:                     Mr. Gruber

DISCUSSION:              None

ACTION:                      MPU

                B.        Exchange Committee        Mr. Weisser                   ATTACHMENT                N

MOTION:                     Moved by Mr. Gruber to approve the committee report as submitted.

SECOND:                     Mr. Buckner

DISCUSSION:              None

ACTION:                      MPU

                C.        Heroic Acts                      Mr. Bauer                     ATTACHMENT                O

MOTION:                     Moved by Mr. Drake to approve the committee report as submitted.

SECOND:                     Mr. Harvey

DISCUSSION:              None

ACTION:                      MPU

                D.        Jr. Lifeguards                     Mrs. Boyer                 ATTACHMENT                  P

MOTION:                     Moved by Mr. Moore to approve the committee report as submitted.

SECOND:                     Mr. Lombardi

DISCUSSION:              Table issue of kit size to depend upon full member kit.

ACTION:                      MPU

                E.        Legislation                         Mr. Gruber                   ATTACHMENT                 Q

MOTION:                    Moved by Mr. Bauer to approve the committee report as submitted.

SECOND:                    Mr. Harvey

DISCUSSION:             None

ACTION:                     MPU

                F.        Membership                      Mr. Gray                     ATTACHMENT                  R

MOTION:                    Moved by Mr. Summers to approve the committee report as submitted.

SECOND:                    Mr. Briles

DISCUSSION:             Mr. Drake recommended disapproval of the report based on the membership dues increase issue.

                                     Discussion ensued regarding what was suggested to go intothe kits.

ACTION:                     Motion defeated by majority vote 26 no, 18 yes.

MOTION:                    Moved by Mr. Drake to approve the committee report as amended (removing dues).

SECOND:                    Mr. Gray

DISCUSSION:             None

ACTION:                     MPU

                G.        Newsletter                        Mr. Bartlett                 ATTACHMENT                   S

MOTION:                    Moved by Mr. Harvey to approve the committee report as submitted.

SECOND:                    Mr. Bauer

DISCUSSION:             None

ACTION:                     MPU

                H.        Public Ed Report              Mr. Humphreys            ATTACHMENT                   T

MOTION:                    Moved by Mr. Drake to approve the committee report as submitted.

SECOND:                    Mr. Lombardi

DISCUSSION:             None

ACTION:                     MPU

                I.        Ways and Means               Mr. Brewster               ATTACHMENT                   U

MOTION:                    Moved by Mr. Gruber to approve the committee report as submitted.

SECOND:                    Mr. Buchanan

DISCUSSION: Mr. Bauer expressed concern as to whether, based on his experience, it was prudent to leave the decision on travel to USLA Board meetings in the hands of the Executive Board. 

ACTION:                     MPU

VIII.      Old Business

                A.        Approval of Treasurer's Report (shown under Treasurer's Report on Friday).

                B.        CSLSA 500 phone number - Mr. Bauer reported on the (500) FOR-CSLS phone and the information recorded there.
Several questions were posed regarding the ease of changing (extremely easy) the recording and the ability of the phone
to take messages (possible, but there is no intent to use the phone in that way at this time).

IX.      New Business

A.        Ad hoc committee on Fund Raising Workshop      ATTACHMENT                   V

B.        USLA Spring meeting

1.                  Location:   Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

2.                  Dates:        November 2-4, 1995

                C.        CSLSA Meeting Dates & Locations

 1.         Spring 1996

                                     a.        Location:           Laguna Beach
                                     b.        Dates:               April 18 & 19, 1996

 2.         Fall 1996

                                     a.        Location:           Cal State-South (Tentative location: Ventura area)
                                                                         Oceanside (Alternate)

                                     b.        Dates:               October 17 & 18, 1996

D.        Other Business

1.                  Discussion of future raffles for fund raising. Future responsibilities will be with the hosting chapter for organizing and conducting a fund raising raffle. Mr. Weisser reported that CSLSA realized over $160 from the raffle at this meeting.

2.                  Mr. Bauer advised that over $500 will be coming to the region as a windfall from the meeting costs.

3.                  Mrs. Boyer reminded all delegates that a United Way pledge also be made in the name of CSLSA.

X.                Election of Officers

A.        President

1.                  Nominees:                           Chris Brewster
Nominees from the floor:      None

2.                  Elected:                               Chris Brewster (by acclamation)

B.        Vice President

1.                  Nominees:                           Rob McGowan
Nominees from the floor:      Eric Bauer

2.                  Elected:                               Eric Bauer (by majority vote)

C.        Secretary

1.                  Nominees:                           Bill Richardson

2.                  Elected:                               Bill Richardson (by acclamation)

D.        Treasurer

1.                  Nominees:                           Max Bowman
Nominees from the floor:      Kai Weisser

2.                  Elected:                               Kai Weisser (by majority vote)

E.        Recurrent Representative

1.                  Nominees from the floor:      A.J. Summers
                                            Chris Graham

2.                  Elected:                                A.J. Summers (by majority vote)

F.        Delegates

1.                  Nominees:                           Gordon Gray
Nominees from the floor:      Rob McGowan
                                            Steve Long
                                            Ira Gruber
                                            Max Bowman

2.                  Elected 1st Delegate:            Steve Long (by majority vote)

3.                  Elected 2nd Delegate:           Rob McGowan (by majority vote)

G.        Alternate Delegate

1.                  Nominees:                           Chris Graham
Nominees from the floor:      Gordon Gray
                                            Ira Gruber
                                            Max Bowman

2.                  Elected:                                Max Bowman (by majority vote)

MOTION:                    Moved by Mr. Drake to destroy the ballots.
SECOND:                   Mr. Summers
DISCUSSION:            None
ACTION:                    MPU

            H.         Appointment and Confirmation of Advisor

             The President expressed concerns about his ability to work with the current Advisor (Mr. Moore)
              in the coming term due to contrasting views regarding expenditures of CSLSA funds for
              travel to USLA Board Meetings and related issues.

             He stated that, with regrets and acknowledgement for the dedication of Mr. Moore to CSLSA and lifesaving,
             he wished to appoint Mr. Randy Eickhoff as advisor for the coming term. He stated that along with being
             an experienced lifeguard, Mr. Eickhoff is an accountant from a nationally recognized firm and and that the
             most immediate need for CSLSA is to get its financial house in order.

             Extensive discussion ensued during which time several members of the Board expressed concern
             about the loss of Mr. Moore as Advisor and the contrasting point of view which can be healthy
             in these types of situations.

             Mr. Moore expressed a desire to continue to work on the Executive Board but a willingness
             to accept and act according to the wishes of the Board.

             Once the discussion had concluded, the President pointed out that, under the Bylaws, the Advisor
             serves at the pleasure of the President. He expressed a willingness to reappoint Mr. Moore to the position
             for a trial period with the caviat that he would advise the Board if he felt the appointment would need
             to be terminated at the next Board Meeting.

MOTION:                    Moved by Mr. Long to confirm Bob Moore as CSLSA Advisor.

SECOND:                    Mr. Klosterman

DISCUSSION:             No additional comments.

ACTION:                     MPU

1996-97 CSLSA Executive Board Election
President  Chris Brewster
Vice President Eric Bauer
Secretary Bill Richardson
Treasurer Kai Weisser
Recurrent Rep A.J. Summer
1st Delegate Steve Long
2nd Delegate Rob McGowan
Alt. Delegate Max Bowman
Advisor Bob Moore

XI.                Privilege of the Floor - Mr. Brewster thanked the Newport Beach Ocean Lifeguard Association
 for the excellent manner in which they hosted this meeting.

XII.                Adjournment

MOTION:                    Moved to adjourn by Mr. Gruber

SECOND:                    Mr. Bauer

DISCUSSION:             None

ACTION:                     MPU; Meeting adjourned at 2:15 p.m.

Recorded by:

William J. Richardson