GENERAL BOARD MEETING
                                 Camp Pendleton, California
                                  October 16 & 17, 1997
                                                  PRINTED VERSION
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Thursday, October 16, 1997


I.          Meeting called to order by President Chris Brewster at 9:28 AM.

              A.        Pledge of Allegiance                   -        Mr. Bauer

              B.        Welcome and Introductions     -           Mr. Brewster

              C.        Roll Call of Delegates                 -        Mr. Richardson

Chapter Members Delegates Votes
Proxies Total
California State-North 25 3 0 - 0
California State-South 52 4 2 - 2
Camp Pendleton 21 3 3 - 3
Capitola 0 2 0 - 0
Coronado 8 2 0 - 0
Del Mar 0 3 0 - 0
Encinitas 11 2 0 - 2
Hawaii 3 2 0 - 0
Huntington Beach 105 5 0 - 5
LA City 22 3 0 - 2
LA County Lakes 16 3 1 1 3
LACOLA 151 6 4 2 6
Laguna Beach 61 4 2 2 4
Long Beach 34 3 0 - 0
Mission Viejo 26 3 3 - 3
Newport Beach 65 4 4 - 4
Oceanside 31 3 3 - 3
San Clemente 35 3 1 - 1
San Luis Obispo Co 0 0 0 - 0
San Diego 70 4 4 - 4
Santa Barbara 11 2 0 - 0
Santa Cruz 25 3 0 - 0
Seal Beach 40 3 2 1 3
Solana Beach 9 2 0 - 0
Tucson 1 0 0 - 0
Ventura County 2 2 0 - 0
TOTAL 824 69 38/39 7 45


II.                    Approval of Minutes — Huntington Beach Meeting - April 17 & 18, 1997


MOTION:                      Moved by Mr. Long to approve the minutes as corrected.

SECOND:                     Mr. Klosterman

DISCUSSION:              Minor typographical error on final page - change adjournment time to pm instead of am.

ACTION:                      MPU

III.       Officer’s Reports

               A.        President                       Mr. Brewster                   ATTACHMENT              A

           B.        Vice President                Mr. Bauer                       ATTACHMENT               B

           C.        Secretary                       Mr. Richardson               ATTACHMENT               C

           D.        Treasurer                       Mr. Weisser                    ATTACHMENT               D

1.                  Approval of the Treasurer's Report
(action taken on Friday is recorded here for clarity)

MOTION:                     Moved by Mr. Gray to approve the Treasurer's Report as submitted.

SECOND:                     Mr. Summers

DISCUSSION:              Mr. Brewster suggested that the Treasurer-elect develop a proposed budget.

                                      Mr. Moore concurred and will do so with the assistance of the Executive Board.

ACTION:                      MPU

           E.         Recurrent Rep                Mr. Summers                   ATTACHMENT               E

           F.         Advisor                          Mr. Moore                       ATTACHMENT               F

IV.       Committee Reports

                A.        Certification                   Mr. Brewster                    Included in President's Report

B.        Competition                  Mr. McGowan                  ATTACHMENT              G

C.        Exchanges                     Mr. Summers                   ATTACHMENTS            H

D.        Heroic Acts                   Mr. Long                         Verbal

           Reported that there have not been any recommendations received since the last meeting. Acknowledged the award to be given to
           Mr. Blair Kruger for his efforts at the Black's Beach incident for which two previous awards were given. Recognition was given in absentia.

            E.         Jr. Lifeguards                 Mrs. Boyer                      ATTACHMENT               I

F.         Int'l Lifesaving               Mr. Brewster                   ATTACHMENT               J

            Mr. Brewster's comments were contained in his President's Report.

G.        Legislation                     Mr. Brewster                   Included in the President's Report

H.        Membership                   Mr. Bauer                       Verbal

1.                  Kit distribution does not match up with the number of members. In committee, we will attempt to reconcile this issue.

2.                  Reported that membership program is running, not without problems, but potentially an improvement for the future.

3.                  Decision on kits, pro and con; supplement USLA kit or not.

4.                  Discuss putting some money back to Chapters from USLA membership dues.

5.                  Special meeting to make a decision on a Life Membership.

            I.          Newsletter                     Mr. Bartlett                      ATTACHMENT               K

            J.         Public Education             Mr. Beuerlein                   ATTACHMENT               L

            K.        Fund Raising                  Mr. Colosi                       ATTACHMENT               M

V.         Committee Workshops (as directed)

VI.         Election of Officers for 1998-99 Term

                A.        President                                     Bill Richardson, Elected                    (Acclamation)

                B.        Vice President                             Don Rohrer, Elected                         (Acclamation)

                C.        Secretary                                    Mike Beuerlein, Elected                    (Acclamation)

                D.        Treasurer                                    Bob Moore, Elected                         (Majority vote)

                E.         Recurrent Rep                            A.J. Summers, Elected                      (Acclamation)

                F.         Advisor/Past President               Chris Brewster                                      (Majority vote)

                G.        First Delegate                              Kai Weisser, Elected                       (Majority vote)

                H.        Second Delegate                         Steve Long, Elected                         (Majority vote)

                I.          Alternate Delegate                      Mike Halphide, Elected                    (Majority vote)

Friday, October 17, 1997

            Meeting reconvened at 9:00 a.m., October 17, 1997

            Continued committee meetings as needed.

VII.      Committee Reports from Workshops

                A.        Competition Committee       Mr. McGowan              ATTACHMENT                N

MOTION:                     Moved by Summers to approve the committee report as submitted.

SECOND:                     Mr. Gray

DISCUSSION:              None

ACTION:                      MPU

                B.        Exchange Committee             Mr. Summers               ATTACHMENT                O

MOTION:                     Moved by Mr. Bauer to approve the committee report as amended.

SECOND:                     Mr. Lombardi

DISCUSSION:             None

ACTION:                      MPU

                C.        Junior Guard Committee         Mrs. Boyer                 ATTACHMENT                P

MOTION:                     Moved by Mr. Long to approve the committee report as submitted.

SECOND:                     Mr. Bartlett

DISCUSSION:              None

ACTION:                      MPU

                D.        Membership Committee          Mr. Bauer                  ATTACHMENT                Q

MOTION:                     Moved by Mr. Lombardi to approve the committee report as submitted.

SECOND:                     Mr. Gray

DISCUSSION:              Asked to forward the Life Member nominee to the USLA for a similar honor.

ACTION:                      MPU

                E.        Newsletter Committee              Mr. Bartlett               ATTACHMENT                 R

MOTION:                    Moved by Mr. Moore to approve the committee report as amended.

SECOND:                    Mr. Humphries

DISCUSSION:             None

ACTION:                     MPU

                F.        Public Ed Committee                 Mr. Bartlett              ATTACHMENT                 S

MOTION: Moved by Mr. Moore to approve the report removing the issue of "earmarking" $1 from Lifeguard membership dues to be appropriated to Public education.  

SECOND:                     Mr. Bauer

DISCUSSION:              None

ACTION:                      MPU

                            Lacking a motion to approve the $1 from dues to be earmarked for Public Ed.

                G.        Ways & Means                          Mr. Weisser           ATTACHMENT                 T

MOTION:                     Moved by Mr. Gray to approve the committee report as submitted.

SECOND:                     Ms. Briles

DISCUSSION:              None

ACTION:                      MPU

VIII.      Old Business

                A.        Confirmation of Chris Brewster as the Past President/Advisor

MOTION:                     Moved by Mr. Richardson to confirm Mr. Brewster as the Past President/Advisor.

SECOND:                     Mr. Moore

DISCUSSION:              None

ACTION:                      MPU

                B.        Approval of Treasurer's Report (shown under Treasurer's Report on Thursday).

IX.      New Business

A.        El Nino Discussion - Mr. Long

                            Mr. Long brought up the extraordinary potential impact of El Nino and the valued part
          lifeguard agencies can and will play in emergency services.

                            He challenged all Chapters to look at their areas of responsibility to make recommendation to
          save property and lives through creative preparedness.

                            Mr. Summers suggested taking the negative impact of El Nino by making
          positive impressions through the media.

                            Discussion was directed toward developing a CSLSA El Nino Meeting geared toward local
          preparedness and media warning and recommendations.

                B.        Mexico Assistance Project              Mr. Moore           ATTACHMENT                 U

C.        Meeting Dates

 1.         USLA Fall Meeting - 1997

                                     a.        Location:           Atlantic City, NJ
                                     b.        Dates:               November 6-8, 1997

 2.         USLA Spring Meeting - 1998 in Calif. (LACOLA)

                                     a.        Location:           Catalina Island
                                     b.        Dates:               April 23 & 24, 1998

 3.         CSLSA Meeting Dates & Locations

                                     a.        Spring 1998
                                              (1)          Location:           LACOLA
                                                                                      Seal Beach (as backup)
                                              (2)          Dates                April, 1998
                                     b.        Fall 1998
                                              (1)          Location:           Newport Beach
                                                                                      Long Beach (as backup)
                                              (2)          Dates                October, 1998

XI.                Privelege of the Chair - Mr. Brewster

Expressed his extreme appreciation for the opportunity to have been involved in lifesaving and specifically for being allowed to serve in the association and for the impact lifeguards have on the safety of the public. No other safety profession has the magnitude of impact as do lifeguards in terms of lives affected.

CSLSA has developed an example which is key to unlocking improvement of all aspects of our profession.

Throughout our history we have had differences of opinion, yet in spite of them, we have grown through and developed a strong character which portrays our commitment to the goal of saving lives.

XII.                Adjournment

MOTION:                    Moved to adjourn by Mr. Summers

SECOND:                    Ms. Briles

ACTION:                     MPU; Meeting adjourned at 1:15 p.m.

Recorded by:

Bill Richardson