CSLSA GENERAL BOARD MEETING
                                               MINUTES of 4/18-19, 2002
                                         Mike Beuerlein, Secretary

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Thursday, April 18, 2002


I.  Meeting called to order by Mr. McGowan at 9:27 AM.

A.      Pledge of Allegiance - Mr. Rohrer

B.      Welcome and Introductions - Mr. McGowan

C.      Roll Call of Delegates (Attendance List) - Mr. Beuerlein


                                                                                                 Delegates                                             TOTAL

CHAPTER                     Members     Delegates   Present             Proxies       VOTES

California State                       93                  4                               4                          -                               4

Camp Pendleton                     15                  2                               2                          -                               2

Capitola                                     0                  0                               0                          -                                0

Coronado                                  0                  0                               0                          -                                0

Del Mar                                    48                  3                               3                          -                               3

Encinitas                                    7                  2                               1                          -                               1

Hawaii                                        0                  0                               0                          -                                0

Huntington Beach               127                  5                               3                          2                               5

Imperial Beach                        19                  3                               0                          -                                0

LA City                                    31                  3                               1                          -                                1

LA County Lakes                   34                  3                               2                          1                               3

LACOLA                               214                  7                               4                          3                               7

Laguna Beach                         78                  4                               2                          -                               2

Long Beach                             40                  3                               3                          -                               3

Mission Viejo                           8                  2                               2                          -                                2

Newport Beach                       75                  4                               4                          -                               4

Oceanside                               20                  3                               0                          -                                0

Port Hueneme                           2                  2                               1                          -                                1

San Clemente                          31                  3                               2                          1                               3

San Luis Obispo Co.              30                  3                               1                          -                                1

San Diego                                50                  3                               2                          1                               3

Santa Barbara                           0                  0                               0                          -                                0

Santa Cruz                               41                  3                               0                          -                                0

Seal Beach                               44                  3                               2                          1                               3

Solana Beach                          17                  3                               0                          -                                0

Tucson                                      1                  2                               0                          -                                0

US Ocean Safety                    33                  3                               3                          -                                3

Ventura County                      25                  3                               0                          -                                0

Members-at-large                     0                  0                               0                          -                                0

TOTAL                              1083               76                              42                         9                            51



II.  Approval of Minutes – Los Angeles City Lifesaving Association Meeting

                                (October 18 & 19, 2001)


MOTION:                   Moved by Mr. Diederich to approve the minutes as submitted.                         

SECOND:                  Mr. Godino                          


DISCUSSION:          None

ACTION:                   MPU                                                               


III.       Officer’s Reports

A.        President                       Mr. McGowan             ATTACHMENT      A (1-2)

B.         Vice President              Mr. Rohrer                   ATTACHMENT      B

C.        Secretary                      Mr. Beuerlein                ATTACHMENT     C

D.        Treasurer                      Mr. Moore                   ATTACHMENT      D (1-4)

E.         Recurrent Rep              Mr. Lombardi               ATTACHMENT      E

F.         Advisor                        Mr. Richardson             ATTACHMENT      F (1-2)


IV.       Committee Reports

A.         Certification                  Mr. Brewster                ATTACHMENT     G (1-2)  

B.         Competition                  Mr. Parks                     ATTACHMENT     H

C.         Exchanges                    Mr. Graham                  ATTACHMENT      I (1-5)

D.         Heroic Acts                  Mr. Richardson             ATTACHMENT      F-1

E.         Int’l Lifesaving               Mr. Brewster                ATTACHMENT     G-1

F.         Junior Lifeguards           Mrs. Boyer                   ATTACHMENT      J

G.         Legislation                    Mr. Brewster                 ATTACHMENT     G-2

H.         Membership                 Mr. Rohrer                    ATTACHMENT     B

I.          Newsletter                    Mr. Sandy                     ATTACHMENT     K

J.          Public Education           Mr. McGowan              ATTACHMENT      L

K.        Training                         Mr. Diederich                ATTACHMENT     M (1-3)


V.       Committee Workshops (as directed)




Meeting adjourned for the day at 4:51 P.M.     


Meeting reconvened on Friday, April 19th at 9:16 AM.


VI.       Committee Reports from Workshops


A.        Competition                  Mr. Parks                     ATTACHMENT     N


MOTION:                   Moved by Mr. Brewster to approve the report as submitted.                          

SECOND:                  Mr. Diederich                                         

DISCUSSION:          None

ACTION:                   MPU


B.           Exchanges                    Mr. Graham                 ATTACHMENT     O


MOTION:                   Moved by Mr. Bartlett to approve the report as submitted.                          



SECOND:                  Mr. Mickley                                          

DISCUSSION:          Discussion regarding the practice of providing CSLSA funding prior to receiving a report from exchange delegates.

ACTION:                   MPU


            C.        Heroic Acts                  Mr. Richardson            VERBAL REPORT


1.      Did not have a formal meeting, but did poll several chapters regarding an application submitted on April 18, 2002.

2.      Consensus was that the multiple rescue of some Mexican fisherman by two father and son teams at K38 in Mexico (51 degree water, 5-7 foot surf, patients were released to ambulance) did qualify as a heroic act.

3.      Committee recommends regional approval.

4.      Application will be forwarded to national committee.


MOTION:                   Moved by Mr. Gray to approve the report as submitted.                          

SECOND:                  Mr. Diederich                                        

DISCUSSION:          None

ACTION:                   MPU


            D.        Junior Lifeguards          Mrs. Boyer                   ATTACHMENT     P


MOTION:                   Moved by Mr. Long to approve the report as submitted.                          

SECOND:                  Mr. Graham                                        

DISCUSSION:          None

ACTION:                   MPU


E.         Newsletter                    Mr. Lombardi               ATTACHMENT     Q (1-2)    


MOTION:                   Moved by Mr. Moore to approve the report under the condition that a written report be submitted to the Secretary for inclusion in the minutes.

SECOND:                  Mr. Richardson

DISCUSSION:          None

ACTION:                   MPU


            F.         Public Education           Mr. Williams                 ATTACHMENT     R


MOTION:                   Moved by Mr. Bauer to approve the report as submitted.

SECOND:                  Mr.  Lombardi


DISCUSSION:          Mr. Moore clarified that the $600 reallocation for the easy-up would have come out of Junior Lifeguard Committee funds and asked if the proposed Public Education marketing fees were going to be funded from the JG fund. Mr. Williams stated that the $600 for marketing would be a retainer from the general fund that would only be used if needed. Mr. McGowan asked that the solicitation of Public Education materials from each chapter be listed as an agenda item for the 2002 Fall CSLSA meeting.


ACTION:                   MPU


            G.        Training                        Mr. Diederich               VERBAL REPORT


1.      Committee members discussed Mr. Diederich’s list of possible courses for lifeguard careers.

2.      Each agency is encouraged to send a representative to the next Training Officer’s meeting on September 24th at 10:00 A.M. at Laguna Beach Lifeguard Headquarters.


MOTION:                   Moved by Mr. Long to approve the report as submitted.

SECOND:                  Mr.  Bartlett

DISCUSSION:          Mr. Peden asked if regional lifeguard academies were gaining support. Mr. Diederich said he thought the concept was a good idea that can be further discussed at the next Training Officer’s meeting.

ACTION:                   MPU   


VII.      Old Business


A.                 Approval of Treasurer’s report from Thursday, April 18, 2002.


MOTION:                   Moved by Mr. Mickley to approve the report as submitted.

SECOND:                  Mr. Richardson

DISCUSSION:          None

ACTION:                   MPU


B.                 Reallocation of USLA Dues


MOTION:                   Moved by Mr. Bauer to not increase USLA dues.

SECOND:                  Mr. Gray

DISCUSSION:          Mr. Moore stated that he did not support an increase in membership dues. He recommended that the USLA consider other options to raise funds and suggested that CSLSA offer to help by offering solutions or financial assistance. Mr. McGowan suggested scaling back the annual membership mailing. Mr. Moore noted that the cost of postage would soon increase. Mr. Brewster stated that the CSLSA Executive Board should have the discretion to “horse trade” on the dues issue. Mr. McGowan and Mr. Moore said that the CSLSA Executive Board needed to follow our members mandate according to our vote on this motion.

ACTION:                   MP (Brewster – No, Rohrer – Abstained)


MOTION:                   Moved by Mr. Richardson to give the CSLSA Executive Board the authority to negotiate a solution to USLA dues reallocation issue.

SECOND:                  Mr.  Lombardi

DISCUSSION:          Mr. Richardson stated that the CSLSA Executive Board should recommend that the USLA be more frugal with their membership mailings.

ACTION:                   MP (Rohrer – Abstained)


VIII.     New Business


A.        California Budget Crisis


1.      Mr. Long addressed CSLSA Board members regarding impact of State budget crisis on State beaches.

2.      Mr. Long stated that the State Lifesaving Association may seek support from CSLSA at some point in the future.


B.     USLA Bulletin Board


MOTION:                   Moved by Mr. Moore to have CSLSA Executive Board recommend that competition e-mails be removed from the USLA Bulletin Board.

SECOND:                  Mr. Rohrer

DISCUSSION:          Mr. Brewster stated that, as the USLA Bulletin Board Editor, he supported the motion to clean up the bulletin board.

ACTION:                   MPU


C.     Future Meetings


1.                  USLA Meeting Dates & Locations

a.  Spring - 2002

      1)   Location:  Daytona Beach, Florida       

2)       Dates:  5/04/02 & 5/05/02

b.  Fall - 2002

                                          1)   Location:  Chicago, Illinois       

                                          2)   Dates:   11/07/02 – 11/09/02               

2.         CSLSA Meeting Dates & Locations                                        

                                          a.  Fall - 2002             

                                         1)    Location:  Del Mar      

     2)    Dates:  10/17/02 & 10/18/02               

b.  Spring – 2003

     1)    Location:  Imperial Beach        

     2)    Dates:   4/17/03 & 4/18/03


VIII.  Privilege of the Chair


A.  Mr. McGowan thanked the Pendleton Coast Lifesaving Association for hosting the meeting at such a great site.



IX.   Adjournment


MOTION:                   Moved to adjourn by Mr. Richardson.

SECOND:                  Mr. Mickley

DISCUSSION:          None

ACTION:                   MPU; Meeting adjourned at 11:39 AM





Respectfully Submitted,



Michael A. Beuerlein

CSLSA Secretary


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