GENERAL BOARD MEETING
                                       Seal Beach Lifeguard Association
                                                  April 14 & 15, 2005
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Thursday. April 14. 2005


I.          Meeting called to order by Mr. McGowan at 9:18 AM.

              A.        Pledge of Allegiance                   -        Mr. Lombardi

              B.        Welcome and Introductions     -           Mr. McGowan

              C.        Roll Call of Delegates                 -        Mr. Beuerlein

Chapter Members Delegates Delegates
Proxies Total
California State 98 4 4 - 4
Camp Pendleton 27 3 2 1 3
Capitola 9 2 0 - 0
Coronado 5 2 0 - 0
Del Mar 45 3 3 - 3
Encinitas 9 2 1 - 1
Hawaii 4 2 0 - 0
Huntington Beach 149 5 5 - 5
Imperial Beach 18 3 2 - 2
LA City 36 3 3 - 3
LA County Lakes 29 3 1 1 2
LACOLA 166 6 5 - 5
Laguna Beach 81 4 2 2 4
Long Beach 97 4 2 - 2
Mission Viejo 9 2 2 - 2
Newport Beach 119 5 5 - 5
Oceanside 6 2 0 - 0
Port Hueneme 1 0 0 - 0
San Clemente 12 2 1 1 2
San Luis Obispo 4 2 0 - 0
San Diego 56 4 2 - 2
Santa Barbara 37 3 1 1 2
Santa Cruz 31 3 0 - 0
Seal Beach 42 3 3 - 3
Solana Beach 13 2 0 - 0
Tucson 0 0 0 - 0
US Ocean Safety 72 4 0 - 0
Ventura County 3 2 0 - 0
Mexico 1 0 0 - 0
Members-at-large 4 0 0 - 0
TOTAL 1183 80 44 6 50


II.                    Approval of Minutes — Santa Barbara Lifesaving Association Meeting (October

        21 & 22, 2005)


MOTION:                      Moved by Mr. Lombardi to approve the minutes as submitted.

SECOND:                     Mr. Williams

DISCUSSION:              None

ACTION:                      MPU

III.       Officer’s Reports

                A.        President                        Mr. McGowan              ATTACHMENT              A

            B.        Vice President                Mr. Lombardi                ATTACHMENT              B

            C.        Secretary                       Mr. Beuerlein                 ATTACHMENT              C

            D.        Treasurer                       Mr. Williams                  ATTACHMENT               D

            E.         Recurrent Rep               Mr. Graham                   ATTACHMENT              E

            F.         Advisor                         Mr. Moore                     ATTACHMENT              F

            D.        1st Delegate                   Mr. Rohrer                    ATTACHMENT              G

IV.       Committee Reports

A.        Competition                   Mr. Butki                      ATTACHMENT              H

B.        Exchanges                      Mr. Graham                  ATTACHMENT                I

C.        Heroic Acts                    No Verbal Report         ATTACHMENT              J

D.        Junior Lifeguards            Mrs. Boyer                   ATTACHMENT               K

E.        Legislation                      Mr. Peabody                VERBAL REPORT

1.                  California Department of Boating and Waterways asked Marine Safety
experts to determine if additional legislation is needed to regulate Personal
Watercraft activity.

2.                  California Department of Boating and Waterways recently sent out a
survey on law enforcement contacts.

F.        Membership                    Mr. Lombardi               ATTACHMENT                B

            G.        Newsletter                      Mr. Sandy                    ATTACHMENT                 L

            H.        Public Education             Mr. Williams                 ATTACHMENT                 M

I.         Training & Operations     Mr. Peden                    ATTACHMENT                 N

J.        Website                           Mr. Moore                   ATTACHMENT                 O

V.         Mr. McGowan presented The CSLSA Excellence in Lifesaving Award to Mr. Moore
             "in recognition of 38 years of public service, dedication and devotion to the Los Angeles
             County Lifeguards: 1967-2005. Congratulations on your retirement! The California Surf
             Lifesaving Association, April 14, 2005."

VI.        Mr. Silvestri presented the new California State Lifeguard Recruitment CD.

VII.       Mr. Gould spoke on the importance of agencies submitting consistent and accurate
             statistics to uphold the integrity of USLA Statistics. He cited rescues as an example. Mr.
             Gould said that each rescue should be documented on a separate report. Rescues should
             not be estimated. Mr. Gould also stated that any and all drownings should be reflected in
             the annual USLA statistics.

VIII.      At the Fall 2004 CSLSA General Meeting, Pismo Beach (currently part of the San Luis
             Obispo County CSLSA chapter) submitted an application and fees to form its own separate
             CSLSA chapter pending a vote of approval from the CSLSA Board of Directors. If the
             application is accepted and approved, San Luis Obispo County would maintain its current


MOTION:                      Moved by Mr. Lombardi to accept Pismo Beach's application and to
                                      approve Pismo Beach as a new chapter.

SECOND:                     Mr. Klosterman

DISCUSSION:              None

ACTION:                      MPU

IX.        USLA President Chris Brewster gave a brief presentation on the USLA/NOAA Rip
             Current Brochure.

V.         Committee Workshops (as directed)


Meeting adjourned for the day at 4:51 P.M.

Meeting reconvened on Friday, April 15, 2005 at 9:15 AM.

XI.       Committee Reports from Workshops

                A.        Certification                     Mr. Rohrer                  ATTACHMENT                P,     P-1 ,    P-2

1.                  Committee met and is recommending four changes to the USLA
Recommended Minimum Guidelines for Open Water Swimming Event Safety:

a.                  Section 3.2.1: Eliminate all ratios of lifeguards to competitors.

b.                  Section 3.3: Eliminate 100-meter example for strategic placement
of lifeguards.

c.                  Section 4.5: Changed to "one advanced life support ambulance should
be made available on site or within a 5-minute response time."

d.                  Section 5.4: Grammatical error - change "an central observation
location" to "a central observation location."


MOTION:                      Moved by Mr. Moore to approve the report as submitted.

SECOND:                     Mr. Gray

DISCUSSION:              Mr. Peden questioned if the USLA document would become a bylaw. Mr.
                                      Rohrer stated that the document would be a "suggested operational guide."

ACTION:                      MPU

                B.        Competition                     Mr. Butki                  ATTACHMENT                Q

MOTION:                      Moved by Mr. Gray to approve the report as submitted.

SECOND:                     Mrs. Graham

DISCUSSION:              none

ACTION:                      MPU

                C.        Junior Lifeguards             Mrs. Boyer                ATTACHMENT                R

MOTION:                    Moved by Mr. Lombardi to approve the report as submitted.

SECOND:                    Mr. Silvestri

DISCUSSION:             Mr. Silvestri suggested that each Junior Guard Program report their actual
                                    enrollment numbers from the summer at the Fall CSLSA meeting. Mr.
                                    McGowan asked if there were budget items. Mrs. Boyer stated that she was
                                    requesting that the art contest budget be increased from $1,500 to $2,000.
                                    She also requested that the Junior Lifeguards of the Year awards be
                                    increased from $2,000 total to $100 per recipient. Mr. McGowan noted
                                    that this would come out of the JG Fund.

ACTION:                     MPU

                D.        Membership                    Mr. Lombardi          ATTACHMENT                  S

MOTION:                    Moved by Mr. Gray to approve the report as submitted.

SECOND:                    Mr. Williams

DISCUSSION:             Mr. Williams recommended that the Board of Directors give Mr. Lombardi
                                    direction on the new USLA database and credit card use. Mr. Rohrer
                                    recommended that we keep the current membership system in place. Mr.
                                    Gray agreed. Mr. Lombardi said that only about 5% of CSLSA members
                                    register for USLA on-line. Mr. McGowan said we could look into a regional
                                    credit card. More discussion followed. Mr. Moore recommended approval of
                                    the committee report and suggested that a motion could be made to address
                                    the database/credit card issue since it was not discussed in committee. Mr.
                                    McGowan stated that we have direction from the CSLSA Board of Directors
                                    to pursue the database issue, but CSLSA will express concern about credit
                                    cards and on-line registration as being the only USLA registration options.

ACTION:                     MPU

                E.        Public Education               Mr. Pounds            ATTACHMENT                  T

MOTION:                    Moved by Mr. Peden to approve the report as submitted.

SECOND:                    Mrs. Graham

DISCUSSION:             None

ACTION:                     MPU

XII.      Old Business

                A.        Approval of Treasurer's report from Thursday, April 14, 2005.

MOTION:                    Moved by Mr. Bauer to approve the report as submitted.

SECOND:                    Mr. Moore

DISCUSSION:             None

ACTION:                     MPU

                B.        USLA Personal Watercraft Rescue Guidelines

MOTION:                    Moved by Mr. Gray to endorse USLA Personal Watercraft Rescue Guidelines

SECOND:                    Mr. Moore

DISCUSSION:             Mr. McGowan noted that the guidelines are available on the USLA website.

ACTION:                     MPU

                C.        USLA Drowning Prevention Award

MOTION:                    Moved by Mr. Lombardi to endorse Mr. Bartlett's revised proposal for a
                                    USLA Drowning Prevention Award for guarded areas only.

SECOND:                    Mr. Rohrer

DISCUSSION:             Mr. Gray stated that it would be unfair to withhold an award from lifeguards
                                    due to drownings that occur when they are not on duty. Mr. Moore
                                    suggested that award categories could differentiate between agencies that have
                                    year round vs. seasonal operations and 24-hour vs. daylight operations.

ACTION:                     MPU

                D.        05 Las Playas de Tijuana Volunteer Service     ATTACHMENT                 U

XIII.      New Business

                A.        CSLSA Website Funding

1.         Mr. Moore noted that we are contractually obligated to pay Mrs. Francis
$2,000 per year.

2.         CSLSA has not as of yet been billed for services.

                B.        Agency Unit Display for Fall 2005 CSLSA Meeting

1.         Mr. McGowan said a reminder would be placed in the meeting announcements.

                C.        USLA Fundraiser

1.         Mr. McGowan stated that USLA has not had a fundraiser in over 3 years.

2.         Mr. McGowan said that the most recent prospect to become the new USLA fundraiser
had withdrawn from consideration during a vote to confirm her for the position.

3.         Mr. McGowan noted that SHP remains available to assist the USLA in this capacity.

                D.        Future Meetings

1.         USLA Meeting Dates & Locations

                                     a.        Spring - 2005
                                                  1)        Location:          Miami, Florida (Southeast Region)
                                                  2)        Dates:               5/05/05-5/07/05
                                                  3)        Suggested Agenda Items

                                    b.        Fall - 2005
                                                  1)        Host:                 Southwest Region
                                                  2)        Dates:               11/03/05-11/05/05
                                                  3)        Possible Locations: Long Beach, Dana Point, Huntington Beach, Asilimar
                                                  4)        Mr. Graham suggested that the CSLSA Executive Board make this
                                                             decision. There was no objection.

2.         CSLSA Meeting Dates & Locations

                                    a.        Fall - 2005
                                                  1)        Location:          LA County Lakes/Santa Clarita
                                                  2)        Dates:               10/13/05-10/14/05

                                    b.        Spring - 2006
                                                  1)        Location:          Long Beach, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach
                                                  2)        Dates:               4/20/06-4/21/06

                E.        Mr. Bartlett distributed information from Mr. Weisser on the California Public Safety
           Leadership and Ethics Program.                      ATTACHMENT                 V

XIII.          Privilege of the Chair

                A.        Mr. McGowan thanked everyone for their participation.

                B.        Mr. McGowan particularly praised the delegation for reaching a consensus on the
           Guidelines for Open Water Swimming Event Safety. He cited this as an example
           of the way that CSLSA Board Members work cooperatively toward solutions to
           issues in modern lifesaving.

                C.        Mr. McGowan thanked the Seal Beach Lifeguard Association for hosting an
           outstanding meeting at such a great site.

X.                Adjournment

MOTION:                    Moved to adjourn by Mrs. Graham
SECOND:                   Mr. Lombardi
DISCUSSION:            None
ACTION:                    MPU; Meeting adjourned at 10:58 AM

Respectfully Submitted,


Michael A. Beuerlein
CSLSA Secretary