Seal Beach, CA 90740
April 10 & 11, 2014
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  Thursday, April 10, 2014


I.          Meeting called to order by Mr. Beuerlein at 9:02 A.M.

          A.          Pledge of Allegiance          -          Mr. Humphreys

            B.          Welcome and Introductions     -     Mr. Beuerlein

            C.          Roll Call of Delegates          -         Mr. Bond

Chapter No. of
Possible No.
of Delegates
Proxies Total
California State 263 8 4 4 8
Capitola 0 0 0 0 0
Coronado 9 2 2 0 2
Del Mar 6 2 0 0 0
Encinitas 29 3 1 1 2
Huntington Beach 158 6 5 1 6
Imperial Beach 2 2 0 0 2
Laguna Beach 92 4 2 0 2
Lake Mission Viejo 15 2 2 0 2
Long Beach 76 4 3 0 3
Los Angeles City 44 3 2 0 2
Los Angeles County Lakes 34 3 3 0 3
Los Angeles County Lifeguard Assoc. 194 6 6 0 6
Newport Beach 77 4 3 1 4
Oceanside 18 3 0 0 3
Orange County Lifeguards (COLA) 12 2 1 0 1
Pendleton Coast 10 2 1 1 2
Pismo Beach 20 3 0 0 0
Port Hueneme 2 2 1 0 1
San Clemente 47 3 3 0 3
San Diego 125 5 0 0 0
San Luis Obispo Co. 21 3 0 0 0
Santa Barbara 50 3 3 0 3
Santa Barbara County (Campus Pt) 10 2 2 0 2
Santa Cruz 48 3 3 0 3
Seal Beach 52 4 4 0 4
Solana Beach 1 0 0 0 0
Tucson, AZ 1 0 0 0 0
Ventura County 10 2 0 0 0
TOTAL 1,426 86 53 8 61
*28 required for quorum

II.       Approval of Board of Director's Meeting Minutes - Encinitas, October 10 & 11, 2013

MOTION:             Moved by Mr. Ragsdale to approve the Minutes as submitted.
SECOND:             Mr. Moore
ACTION:              MPU

III.       Officer's Reports

            A.         President                      -        Mr. Beuerlein          -        ATTACHMENT          1

            B.         Vice President              -        Mr. Humphreys          -     ATTACHMENT          2

            C.         Secretary                      -       Mr. Bond                 -       NO REPORT

            D.         Treasurer                       -       Mr. Williams           -        ATTACHMENT          3

            E.         Past President/Advisor   -        Mr. R. McGowan       -    VERBAL REPORT          

1.                  Mr. McGowan advised that he has completed all of the assigned projects for the 50th Anniversary event in Huntington Beach.

            F.         1st Executive Delegate    -       Mr. Silvestri            -        ATTACHMENT          4

            G.         2nd Executive Delegate   -      Mr. Avila               -         ATTACHMENT          5

1.                  Mr. Avila congratulated the State competition team for coming in first in the Regional competition and second in the National competition.

            H.         3rd Executive Delegate   -      Mr. Butki              -          NO REPORT          

            I.          4th Executive Delegate    -      Mr. Leeper           -          ATTACHMENT          6

IV.       Committee Activity Reports

            A.         Bylaws/Policies & Procedures  -  Mr. Humphreys      -   NO REPORT

            B.         Certification                    -      Mr. Lombardi     -           ATTACHMENT           7

            C.         Lifesaving Sport and Fitness  - Mr. Butki            -         ATTACHMENT           8

            D.         Exchanges                      -      Mr. Leach           -          ATTACHMENT           9

            E.         Grants                            -      Vacant                 -          NO REPORT          

            F.         Junior Lifeguards            -      Mr. Leeper          -          ATTACHMENT           10

            G.         Legislation                     -      Vacant                 -          NO REPORT          

1.                  Mr. Beuerlein advised on the status of Mr. Peabody health. Mr. Beuerlein asked that interested members send Mr. Peabody a note of encouragement.

            H.         Membership                  -      Mrs. Graham        -          ATTACHMENT           11

            I.          Newsletter                     -      Mr. Godino          -          ATTACHMENT           12

            J.          Original Founders          -      Mr. R. McGowan   -        VERBAL REPORT          

1.                  Mr. McGowan requested assistance from the board of directors for certificates for all participants at the 50th Anniversary Educational Conference. Mr. Richardson said that it was already complete. Mr. McGowan added that all attendees to the full meeting would receive a 50th Anniversary tie and a challenge coin key ring.

            K.         Professional Standards   -      Vacant                 -          NO REPORT          

1.                  The Executive Board welcomes any volunteers to be Chair of the Professional Standards Committee.

            L.          Public Education            -      Mr. Silvestri            -        ATTACHMENT          13

           M.         Public Relations           -         Mr. Bond               -        ATTACHMENT          14

           N.         Special Awards/Presentations -Mr. Pepito            -        ATTACHMENT           15

           O.         Sponsorship                -          Mr. Avila               -        ATTACHMENT           16

           P.          Statistics                     -          Vacant                   -        NO REPORT          

1.                  Mr. Beuerlein stressed the importance of providing accurate and timely statistics for the CSLSA. The Executive Board welcomes any volunteers to be Chair of the Statistics Committee.

           Q.         Training & Operations    -       Mr. Scott               -        ATTACHMENT            17

           R.          Ways and Means          -       Mr. Williams           -        VERBAL REPORT

1.                  Ways and Means Committee will meet at 8:15 a.m. on Friday, April 11, 2014.

           S.          Website                        -       Mr. Moore             -        ATTACHMENT             18

V.       Special Awards & Presentations

VI.      Sponsor Presentations

1.                  Presentations were provided by meeting sponsors; Rags, Makai Surf and Rescue, Xcel Wetsuits, Project Wipeout, John Wayne Cancer Foundation, Jolyn Swimwear, Noosa Yogurt, and Ifloats.

VII.     Special Presentation

1.                  Bill Richardson presented a historical PowerPoint of the CSLSA and USLA.

VIII.     Special Awards

1.                  The Board of Directors presented special awards for professionalism and leadership on the Executive Board to Charlotte Graham and Reenie Boyer.

2.                  Special awards and presentations (Heroic Acts).

    a. On Saturday, March 2nd 2013, former Huntington State Junior Lifeguard Conner Reeves rescued a surfer who was unable to move due to a cervical injury. Mr. Reeves was honored by the CSLSA for his actions with a heroic act award.

    b. On Sunday, May 26th 2013, Pat and Danny Watson rescued an infant who was knocked out of his mother's arms and went missing in the surf line at Aliso Beach. The Watsons were awarded a heroic act award from the CSLSA for their actions.

---Lunch Break---

IX.       Committee Workshops/Working Groups

--- Meeting Recessed for the day at 5:02 p.m. ---

Friday, April 11, 2014 - Meeting reconvened at 9:03 a.m.

X.       Committee Action Reports from Workshops

            A.         Lifesaving Sport and Fitness - Mr. Butki             -         VERBAL REPORT

1.                  Mr. Butki reported on improving accountability at lifesaving sport events. Junior Lifeguards would be the focus due to the high number of participants. Registration and waivers for the events will be posted online which will help start the competition on time. Participants will also be able to pay online by credit card. An official training provided by the CSLSA will be held at the USLA meeting in Huntington Beach. Mr. Butki read a list of volunteer officials for the 2014 Nationals. Coronado, Newport Beach, LA County and Santa Barbara may be interested in hosting the next National Championship event.

            B.         Membership                   -       Mrs. Graham        -          ATTACHMENT           19

1.                  Mrs. Graham reported that there was ongoing concern from a few chapters about Bud Light logos on all items donated by Scott Hubbell. She urged chapters who cannot accept membership products with alcohol logos to write a letter to Mr. Hubbell thanking him for his support, but requesting that he seek products without alcohol logos.

            C.        Junior Lifeguards            -       Mr. Leeper            -         VERBAL REPORT

1.                  Mr. Leeper has coordinated an effort to start a Facebook page as a platform for Junior Lifeguard Coordinators to communicate. Last year the Junior Lifeguard Committee awarded $100 to the winner of the video contest. This year, the contest will be an "open-ended art" contest. The winners will be announced at the next meeting in the fall.

2.                  The John Wayne Cancer Foundation is also doing a video contest for the Junior Lifeguards. Submission will be accepted online and winners will be awarded with a Schwinn bicycle. Winners of the contest will be determined by the amount of "likes" the video receives. Mr. Leeper is encouraging all of the coordinators to promote both contests.

3.                  The John Wayne Cancer Foundation is sponsoring a paddle from Gaviota Beach to Imperial Beach. The dates are tentatively scheduled for the 3rd week of June. Lifeguards and Junior Lifeguards are encouraged to assist in this relay event.

MOTION:             Motion by Mr. Bailey for the Junior Lifeguard Committee to provide up to $5000 for the Public Education Committee to purchase banners and signs.
SECOND:             Mr. Pepito
ACTION:              MPU

            D.         Certification                   -       Mr. Lombardi      -           VERBAL REPORT

1.                  Mr. Lombardi and Mr. Gould recommend that the Santa Monica Harbor Patrol be recognized as an advanced agency. There recommendation is based on an audit of their operation and daily logs.

2.                  Mr. Williams suggested that the CSLSA should review our standards of certification. It could be beneficial to have our certification standards in line with the California State Fire Marshal. The goal would be not to minimize our standards but gain consensus with other federal agencies.

            E.         Legislation                     -        Mr. Sandler         -            NO REPORT

1.                  Mr. Beuerlein introduced Mr. Sandler as the next chair of the Legislation Committee.

            F.         Public Education            -       Mr. Silvestri         -            ATTACHMENT           20

1.                  Mr. Silvestri was thankful for the $5000 in funds from the Junior Lifeguard Committee. He encouraged all to distribute the table tents out to the community prior to National Beach Safety Week and RIP Current Awareness Week.

2.                  Mr. Silvestri announced that he is working with Project Wipeout and the John Wayne Cancer Foundation to develop a web?based program, which will be available to educators. This webpage will provide beach safety tips.

3.                  Mr. Kelso and Mr. Silvestri are researching an application that will allow beach visitors to view current beach conditions. The approximate cost is $400 annually. Mr. Silvestri is also researching a web?based game that will help teach children beach safety tips. An update will be provided at the next meeting.

           G.         Public Relations             -        Mr. Bond            -           VERBAL REPORT

1.                  Mr. Bond reported that the Public Relations Committee approved seven frequently asked questions to be posted on the CSLSA website. The questions will be distributed to the Executive Board for approval.

            H.        Training & Operations    -       Mr. Scott            -            ATTACHMENT           21

1.                  Mr. Scott reported that the San Diego MCI drill was successful. The participating Lifeguards were complemented on their communications and patient assessments. Mr. Williams is researching funding for a similar drill in Orange County.

2.                  The Orange County Training Officers have had recent success in typing lifeguard vehicles and vessels. The typing has been provided to the Orange County Chiefs Association for review.

             I.         Ways & Means             -       Mr. Williams        -           NO REPORT

XI.       Old Business

           A.         Dues Breakdown           -       Mrs. Graham        -           VERBAL REPORT

1.                  Mrs. Graham reported that she would work with Mr. Williams to accomplish this goal.

           B.         Spring 2014 USLA Meeting  - Mr. Beuerlein        -          VERBAL REPORT

1.                  Mr. Beuerlein reiterated the importance of this event and requested assistance from all members of CSLSA. Mr. Williams encouraged all participants to register online so we are able to get an accurate number of participants. Mrs. Graham will email the entire region to further promote the event.

           C.         California Marine Safety Chiefs Assoc. - Mr. Williams  -   VERBAL REPORT

1.                  There has been strong participation from the Chiefs from San Diego to Ventura. The Chiefs are attempting to gain participants from Northern California. The next meeting is in September.

           D.        Shark Policy                   -        Mr. Williams          -           VERBAL REPORT

1.                  The California Marine Safety Chiefs Association has adopted a draft shark policy from San Diego. LA County recently hosted a Shark Symposium, which sparked discussion and participation from numerous agencies. Larry Giles has volunteered to be the committee chair and report on one unified policy in September. Any agency with an existing shark policy is asked to submit it to Mr. Giles at Encinitas for consideration.

          E.          Cal State Fire Marshal Rescue Swimmer Course-Mr. Williams  - VERBAL REPORT

1.                  The course has been approved however it is not funded. The first class for the Southern California Training Officers will be in August. Mr. Williams will be in attendance and will provide information to the chapters for the class dates.

          F.          USOC                            -       Mr. Butki             -                       NO REPORT

XII.       New Business

          A.         CSLSA Communications List -Mr. Bond             -                       VERBAL REPORT

1.                  The communications list is not complete. Mr. Bond will complete the list and distribute it to the Executive Board as soon as possible.

          B.         Committee Chair Assignments -Mr. Beuerlein       -                       NO REPORT

1.                  Mr. Sandler has volunteered to be the Legislative Committee Chair. Mr. Beuerlein noted that there are still some committee chair vacancies and encouraged others to volunteer and serve.

MOTION:              Moved by Mr. Burton to approach the John Wayne Cancer Foundation for CSLSA member sponsorship.
SECOND:             Mr. Clarke
DISCUSSION:  Mr. Silverstri is willing to contact the JWCF to see if they would be interested in augmenting our current membership kits. The board discussed concerns about conflict with donations/sponsorship from Scott Hubbell. Mrs. Graham added that JWCF sunscreen would be a welcome addition for our 1500 members. Mr. Burton was asked if this is an attempt to eliminate all types of alcohol logos/product in member kits. Mr. Avila interjected that we currently do not have an exclusive contract with Mr. Hubbell and that we could search for other sponsorship options. He suggested that we might damage the relationship if we seek out other options.

Mr. Lombardi stated that Mr. Hubbell provides many turn-key, competition events and has a history of being a significant supporter of our association. Mr. Williams suggests that we should attempt to promote our association in other ways rather than what the member receives in their kit.

Mr. Silvestri reminded that chapters could send Mr. Hubbell a letter stating that they appreciate his support however they do not want the product with the alcohol logos. This would reduce any product discarded because of the logo. Mrs. Graham said that only two chapters sent him a letter last year.

Mr. Moore says that this is a healthy discussion and he has not supported alcohol logos on sponsorship. We need to keep a balance within the organization and discuss this further as an agenda item. Mr. Beuerlein agreed with Mr. Moore stating the Mr. Hubbell's support has been valuable to the organization.

Mr. Humphreys suggests that we revisit this topic during the first day of the fall meeting in 2014. Mr. Beuerlein directed the Secretary to add this topic to new business at the next meeting.

Mr. Ragsdale: Call the question
ACTION:              MPU

          C.         Additional Sponsorship      -      Mr. Sandler        -                         VERBAL REPORT

1.                  Mr. Sandler will to contact the Surfrider foundation for potential sponsorship. He will report his findings at the fall CSLSA meeting.

          D.         One Day Meeting              -      Members            -                         DISCUSSION

1.                  Mr. Williams suggested that we make the Board of Directors meeting be only one day. Mr. McGowan stated that one-day meetings have happened in the past. Mrs. Graham said that the committee chairs to still complete their report during the evening hours and speak the next day. Mr. Moore added that an important aspect of the meeting is the networking that occurs during the social events. No motion.

XIII.      Future Meetings

            A.         CSLSA Meetings Dates & Locations

1.                  Fall 2014

                       a.         Location: San Clemente

                       b.         Dates:   October 9-10, 2014

2.                  Spring 2015

                       a.         Location: Newport Beach and Los Angeles County have expressed interest in hosting in fall 2015.

                       b.         Dates:   April, 2015

            B.         USLA Meeting Dates & Location

1.                  Spring 2014

                       a.         Location: Southwest Region - Huntington Beach, CA

                       b.         Dates:   April 24-26, 2014

2.                  Fall 2014

                       a.         Location: Mid-Atlantic Region - Virginia Beach, VA

                       b.         Dates:   November 6-8, 2014

XIV.      Privilege of the Chair

             A.         President's closing comments

 1.                 Mr. Beuerlein asked Mr. Richardson to speak about the Heroes in Lifesaving art piece. The framed image will be auctioned at that USLA meeting in Huntington Beach. Mr. Beuerlein commended Mr. Richardson and Mr. Moore for their participation in the California Surf Lifesaving Association. Their leadership and passion for our profession inspire him.

 2.                 Mr. Beuerlein thanked the Orange County Training Officers Association and the Orange County Chiefs Association for their work and support of the CSLSA.

 3.                 Mr. Beuerlein was impressed by the committee work and accomplishments during the meeting. He thanked Seal Beach for their hard work in providing a venue and logistically organizing the meeting. Mr. Beuerlein urged all to attend the 50th anniversary USLA meeting in Huntington Beach. Attend, help and celebrate 50 years of this great organization.

XV.      Adjournment

MOTION:             Moved to adjourn by Mr. Richardson
SECOND:             Mr. Lombardi
ACTION:              MPU; meeting adjourned at 11:27 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kai Bond
CSLSA Secretary