GENERAL BOARD MEETING
                                 Long Beach, California
                                          April 15, 1999
                                                  PRINTED VERSION
                                                                                                                         (Acrobat) CLICK HERE
Thursday, April 15, 1999


I.          Meeting called to order by President Richardson.

              A.        Pledge of Allegiance                   -        Mr. Rohrer

              B.        Welcome and Introductions     -           Mr. Richardson

              C.        Roll Call of Delegates                 -        Mr. Beuerlein

Chapter Members Delegates Votes
Proxies Total
California State-North 11 2 1 - 0
California State-South 78 4 4 - 3
Camp Pendleton 14 2 1 1 2
Capitola 0 0 0 - 0
Coronado 3 2 0 - 0
Del Mar 27 3 2 - 1
Encinitas 3 2 1 1 0
Hawaii 4 2 0 - 0
Huntington Beach 112 5 5 - 5
LA City 25 3 3 - 3
LA County Lakes 41 3 2 - 2
LACOLA 122 5 5 - 5
Laguna Beach 65 4 2 - 1
Long Beach 31 3 3 - 3
Mission Viejo 31 3 3 - 3
Newport Beach 93 4 4 - 4
Oceanside 13 2 2 - 2
San Clemente 35 3 2 - 2
San Luis Obispo Co 40 3 0 - 2
San Diego 23 3 2 - 3
Santa Barbara 6 2 0 - 0
Santa Cruz 29 3 0 - 0
Seal Beach 30 3 3 - 2
Solana Beach 9 2 1 - 0
Tucson 1 0 0 - 0
Ventura County 1 0 0 - 0
TOTAL 847 68 46 2 48


II.                    Approval of Minutes — Newport Beach Meeting - October 15 & 16, 1998


MOTION:                      Moved by Mr. Lombardi to approve the minutes as submitted.

SECOND:                     Mr. Bauer

DISCUSSION:              None

ACTION:                      MPU

III.       Officer’s Reports

               A.        President                       Mr. Richardson                   ATTACHMENT              A

           B.        Vice President                Mr. Rohrer                         ATTACHMENT              B

           C.        Secretary                       Mr. Beuerlein                     ATTACHMENT              C

           D.        Treasurer                       Mr. Moore                         ATTACHMENT              D

1.                  Approval of the Treasurer's Report
(action taken on Friday is recorded here for clarity)

MOTION:                     Moved by Mr. Bartlett to approve the Treasurer's Report as submitted.

SECOND:                     Mr. McGowan

DISCUSSION:              None

ACTION:                      MPU

           E.         Recurrent Rep                Mr. Weisser                      Verbal Report

           F.         Advisor                          Mr. Brewster                    ATTACHMENT               E

           G.         Delegate                        Mrs. Boyer                       ATTACHMENT               F

           H.         Delegate                        Mr. Long                          Verbal Report

IV.       Committee Reports

                A.        Certification                   Mr. Brewster                    ATTACHMENT               E

B.        Competition                   Mr. McGowan                 ATTACHMENT               G

C.        Exchanges                     Mr. Graham                     ATTACHMENT               H

D.        Heroic Acts                   Mr. Long                         ATTACHMENT                I

            E.         Junior Lifeguards           Mrs. Boyer                      ATTACHMENT                 F

F.         Int'l Lifesaving               Mr. Brewster                   ATTACHMENT                 E

G.        Legislation                     Mr. Brewster                   ATTACHMENT                 E

H.        Membership                  Mr. Rohrer                       ATTACHMENT                B

            I.          Newsletter                     Mr. Bartlett                      ATTACHMENT                J

            J.         Public Education             Mr. Humphreys                ATTACHMENT                K

V.         Committee Workshops (as directed)

VI.      Committee Reports from Workshops

                A.        Junior Guard Committee                                  Mrs. Boyer                    ATTACHMENT                L

MOTION:                     Moved by Mr. Rohrer to approve the report as submitted.

SECOND:                     Mr. Weisser

DISCUSSION:              None

ACTION:                      MPU

                B.        Competition Committee                                   Mr. McGowan              ATTACHMENT                M

MOTION:                     Moved by Mr. Lombardi to approve the report as submitted.

SECOND:                     Mr. Meckley

DISCUSSION:              Mr. Weisser inquired about safety criteria for canceling events (ie. women's dory competition, large surf, etc.).

ACTION:                      MPU

                C.        Newsletter Committee                                     Mr. Bartlett                   ATTACHMENT                 N

MOTION:                     Moved by Ms. Traub to approve the report as submitted.

SECOND:                     Mr. Lombardi

DISCUSSION:              None

ACTION:                      MPU

                D.        Exchange Committee                                       Mr. Graham                  ATTACHMENT                 O (report missing)

MOTION:                     Moved by Mr. McGowan to approve the report as amended.

SECOND:                     Ms. Meckley

DISCUSSION:             None

ACTION:                      MPU

                E.        Public Education Committee                                                                  ATTACHMENT                 P (report missing)

MOTION:                     Due to the chairman's absence, Mr. Long moved to pre-approve the public

                                            education committee report, as long as it does not impact the 1999 budget.

SECOND:                     Mr. Rohrer

DISCUSSION:              None

ACTION:                      MPU

VII.      Old Business

                A.        Approval of Treasurer's Report (shown under Treasurer's Report on Friday).

VIII.      New Business

A.        Imperial Beach membership application.

MOTION:                     Moved by Mr. Brewster to conditionally approve the Imperial Beach application ($250 fee)

                                            for chapter membership based on review by CSLSA Executive Board.

SECOND:                     Mr. Rohrer

DISCUSSION:              None

ACTION:                      MPU

B.        Mr. Long asked about the feasibility of merging California State--North and California State--South.

MOTION:                     Moved by Mr. Bauer to recognize California State as one CSLSA chapter upon receipt of a letter

                                            from California State--North and a letter from California State--South, both requesting to merge chapters.

SECOND:                     Mr. Brewster

DISCUSSION:              None

ACTION:                      MPU

C.        Ms. Boyer nominated Mr. Dietrich to host a training committee meeting.
           The committee will recommend a chairperson for appointment by the President.

D.        Mr. Weisser asked each committee chairperson to prepare
           committee information for the CSLSA web page.

IX.                Future CSLSA Meeting Dates

A.        Fall 1999 (October 14 & 15)

 1.         Location:                    Lake Mission Viejo

 2.         Alternate Location:      San Clemente City

B.        Spring 2000 (April 13 & 14)

 1.         Location:                    San Clemente City

X.                Privilege of the Chair - Mr. Richardson

A.        Mr. Richardson appointed Mr. Beuerlein as Chairman of the Fall election nominating committee.

XI.                Adjournment

MOTION:                    Moved to adjourn by Mr. Weisser.

SECOND:                    Mr. Lombardi

DISCUSSION:             None

ACTION:                     MPU; Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted:

Michael Beuerlein