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CSLSA and USLA Life Membership AwardPosted on October 12, 2018

Charlotte Graham is our newest CSLSA and USLA Life Member. An active member of USLA and CSLSA for over 29 years, Charlotte has more than earned this award for her dedication to lifesaving on the local, county, state and national levels. Beginning as a LA County lifeguard, then lifeguard specialist, she became the first female Rescue Boat Deckhand, Junior Lifeguard Director for LA County, and founding member of LACoSLSA. On the state level, Charlotte has served 13 years as Membership chair and 8 years as Vice-President of the California Surf Lifesaving Association. On the national level, she sits as USLA’s Membership chair. Her service to CSLSA includes as a representative in the CSLSA/New Zealand Lifeguard Exchange program and as an extraordinary organizer for the CSLSA and USLA Championships (hosting, registration, delivery of supplies, inventory, etc.). Currently, Charlotte works in the Administration Office for the LA County Fire Department, Lifeguard Division. Congratulations to Charlotte on her CSLSA and USLA Life Memberships!