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Honor Roll

 Two very special awards are granted to those who have significantly contributed to the advancement of the goals and objectives of the California Surf Lifesaving Association. Recipients of the Distinguished Honor Roll and Life Membership awards receive framed certificates.

CSLSA Distinguished Honor Roll Award

      2010 - Scott Hubbell, CSLSA Sponsor     
The CSLSA recognizes Scott Hubbell for over three decades of personal service to the lifesaving community and through his company Scott Hubbell Productions. His success in finding sponsors for the CSLSA Regional Competition, in securing funding for various water safety and lifesaving programs, including the Junior Lifeguards, has had a significant impact on the professionalism of California's lifeguard agencies. The CSLSA honors Scott for his leadership and support by presenting him with their first Distinguished Honor Roll Award.
      2011 - Pat Francis, CSLSA Webmaster     
As webmaster of the CSLSA website for over sixteen years, Pat does more than just post updates. Utilizing her educational background, she polishes the content, organizes pages for clarity, and visually presents our message with simplicity. She has also donated a considerable amount of money over the years as she believes in our goals and objectives. The CSLSA honors Pat for her dedication and support by presenting her with the 2011 Distinguished Honor Roll Award.

CSLSA Life Membership Award

      Current Awardee


Mike Beuerlein, Huntington Beach



Past Recipients     
            Baird, Bruce     Laguna Beach     
            Belshe, Buddy     Newport Beach     
            Bowman, Max     Huntington City     
            Boyer, Reenie     Newport Beach     
            Brewster, B. Chris     San Diego City     
            Burnside, Robert     Los Angeles County     
            D'Arnall, Doug     Huntington City     
            Dorsey, Tim     Seal Beach     
            Gray, Gordon     Los Angeles County Lakes     
            Lee, Howard     Los Angeles County     
            McGowan, Rob     Los Angeles County     
            Miller, Dick     Long Beach     
            Moore, Robert A.     Los Angeles County     
            Peabody, Alex     California State Parks     
            Richardson, Bill     Huntington City     
            Rohrer, Don     Los Angeles County     
            Stevenson, Bud     Los Angeles County