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Anyone can become a member of the California Surf Lifesaving Association. For over 25 years the CSLSA has been the only organization for professional lifeguards, junior lifeguards, retired or alumni lifeguards and, the general public. Currently, CSLSA membership is 1,497 members strong. Our Junior Lifeguard division has over 3,641 proud members.

Membership Categories

  • Professional ($30) - current members of United States ocean, bay, lake, river, or open water lifesaving or rescue services who have worked at least eight hours in the past year. 
  • Alumni ($30) - persons who formerly qualified under the professional category
  • Junior Lifeguard ($10) - any member of a Junior Lifeguard program affiliated with a USLA chapter. (NOTE: Membership is not available online or through the CSLSA; see your local Junior Lifeguard program coordinator, who will sign up JG's directly with the USLA.)
  • Associate ($30) - those who wish to affiliate with USLA, but do not qualify as professional or alumni members

Benefits to Members of CSLSA

    Join the CSLSA and automatically become a member of the USLA
    Receive a membership card and kit from USLA
    Receive membership incentives from the CSLSA, which may include products such as decals, T-shirts, caps, mugs, etc.
    Receive two professional lifeguard publications; the Cal Surf News twice a year via the web and the American Lifeguard Magazine three times a year
    Receive professional discounts on Da Fin swim fins, Patagonia clothing, Hertz rental cars, Hobie sunglasses, and many other products
    Eligible (for all but Associate Members) to compete at the CSLSA Regional Championships and the USLA National Championships
    Eligible to attend lifeguard educational workshops, seminars and conferences sponsored by the CSLSA and USLA (fees may be required)
    Eligible to participate in regional, national and international lifeguard exchanges
    Affiliation with Junior Lifeguard programs and competitions
    May obtain the latest beach safety and public education materials

This is the organization for the professional lifeguard!

As a CSLSA and USLA member you can network with the finest professional open-water lifeguards around the country and much, much more.

As a member you also help to promote Beach Safety awareness and Professional Lifeguard standards through public education, training programs, exchange programs, junior lifeguard programs, competition and other means. The ultimate goal is to prevent and reduce aquatic injuries, accidents and death at open-water beaches in the United States and throughout the world.

How to become a Member

Continue to the USLA website to join. Professional, Alumnus, Perpetual, and Junior Lifeguards will be given the option to select a chapter. Your chapter is most likey similar to your agency. Visit the chapter/agency page if you are unsure of your chapter. By joining your chapter USLA will automatically issue membership payment to CSLSA. 


ATTENTION:  Chapter presidents and/or membership representatives of ALL CSLSA Chapters/Agencies:

  • Strive for 100% membership of all your lifeguards, including the lifeguard chief!
  • Prominently display or post a membership benefits list, including "this is the organization for the professional lifeguard", early in the year.
  • Use the pre-formatted Excel file provided by the CSLSA Membership Chair to RENEW members and add NEW members then email to Membership Chair

PLEASE, do not send individual applications for each of your members to the Chair!

  • Send a printed copy of the Excel file and a check ($30/member) made out to "CSLSA" to the CSLSA Membership Chair at PO Box 366, Huntington Beach, CA 92628
  • The target DEADLINE for chapter membership to be completed is July 15 by mail; individual and chapter sign-ups will also be conducted at the summer CSLSA Regional competition.



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