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Special Awards

In 1987 the USLA Board of Directors, in collaboration with the CSLSA, approved a policy whereby awards may be granted to persons who participate in heroic acts. The USLA recognition is restricted to acts which show conclusive evidence that the person performing the act voluntarily risked their own life to an extraordinary degree in saving, or attempting to save, the life of another person, or voluntarily sacrificed themselves in a heroic manner for the benefit of others.

To be considered for recognition, honorable acts must be reported to USLA within one year of the date they occurred. Usually, only those acts performed in areas within the scope of USLA's activities will be considered for such an award. Awards are restricted to cases in which no primary family relationship exists.

Special Awards and Presentations include the Heroic Acts and Medal of Valor awards. The Heroic Act award is presented by the USLA to a non-lifeguard and is intended to give due recognition to those who have risked their lives to an extraordinary degree in a rescue or attempted rescue of another person (without familial relation to the rescuer). The Medal of Valor award is given to an individual lifeguard who voluntarily risked his/her life, to an extraordinary degree, in saving, or attempting to save another person, or who sacrificed oneself for the benefit of others. Also, the Distinguished Honor Roll and Life Membership awards honors those members or non-members who have achieved outstanding accomplishments or exceptional contributions to the furtherance of the goals and objectives of the CSLSA. And finally, the MOV award, created with special artwork, is presented by the CSLSA to lifeguards and non-lifeguards who not only voluntarily risk their lives, but who also voluntarily support the CSLSA and their programs through a variety of ways.
    Attention Chapters!      Medal of Valor and Heroic Acts submission process:          
    Print the application form (found below).
    Complete the application.
    Scan the completed application.
    Email the scanned application to: specialap@cslsa.org (or) secretary@cslsa.org
    Note: Do not send directly to USLA as this slows the process of submission.





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