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February 11, 2022


 The United States Lifesaving Association has calculated the chance that a person will drown while attending a beach protected by USLA-affiliated lifeguards at 1 in 18 million (.0000055%). This is based on the last ten years of reports from USLA-affiliated lifeguard agencies, comparing estimated beach attendance to the number of drownings in areas under lifeguard protection. At a recent CSLSA Board of Directors' meeting, it was reported that the USLA recorded the highest ever total for rescues since the organization began collecting statistics over 50 years ago. With 130 agencies reporting, there were over 91,000 rescues for the year 2014. However, drownings have not increased, which points to the excellent job of our nation's lifeguards.

The California Surf Life Saving Association annually polls its chapters for the number of rescues, drownings, and other statistical information reported by lifeguard agencies. This is not a comprehensive list of all statistics generated by all beach lifeguard agencies, but the statistics of most major agencies are included here. Please see Resources below.

The CSLSA Statistics committee provided our membership with a Daily Lifeguard Patrol Log and an Annual Lifeguard Statistics forms to assist them in collecting their statistics. These forms provide agencies with a tool to better collect data in a standardized format. See Forms below.

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