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2022 Calendar of Events
February 11, 2022

USLA Nationals

Location: TBA when finalized.  The event is scheduled for a location in the Los Angeles Area.
Website: https://www.usla.org/page/Nationals
Wednesday August 10th, 2022
Under 19 - Professional lifeguards age 16-18 and Junior Lifeguards ages 16-17
Junior Guards - A's (14-15), B's (12-13), C's (9-11)

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, July 23rd-25th, 2022
Open and Age Group - Professional Lifeguards ages 16 and up.


Lifesaving Sport Rules:

All USLA National competitions strictly adhere to USLA Board of Directors'-approved rules. Complete copies of the following are in Adobe Acrobat format.