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Life Members

CSLSA Life Membership Award


Life Membership can be awarded to a member who has completed twenty years of service as a professional Lifeguard and has been an active member of the CSLSA for at least ten years. They must have also served as a member of the Board of Directors, Executive Board, or as an elected officer of the CSLSA. Lastly, Life Members must have demonstrated significant contributions made in the furtherance of the goals and objectives of the CSLSA. 


Current Awardee


Past Recipients     

Baird, Bruce               Laguna Beach     (Deceased)

Belshe, Buddy            Newport Beach  (Deceased)

Beuerlein, Mike         Huntington City

Bowman, Max             Huntington City     

Boyer, Reenie             Newport Beach     

Brewster, B. Chris     San Diego City     

Burnside, Robert        Los Angeles County  (Deceased)

Butki, Jay                   Los Angeles County

D'Arnall, Doug            Huntington City     

Dorsey, Tim                Seal Beach

Drake, Carl                 California State Parks  (Deceased)

Graham, Charlotte     Los Angeles County

Gray, Gordon              Los Angeles County Lakes

Humphreys, Bill         San Clemente City

Lee, Howard               Los Angeles County  (Deceased)

McGowan, Rob            Los Angeles County     

Miller, Dick                 Long Beach     

Moore, Robert A.        Los Angeles County     

Peabody, Alex             California State Parks  (Deceased)

Richardson, Bill          Huntington City     

Rohrer, Don                Los Angeles County  (Deceased)

Silvestri, Mike            California State Parks

Stevenson, Bud          Los Angeles County  (Deceased)