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Lifesaving Sport

Please follow the link for information on the upcoming Lifesaving Sport Committee meeting and the Spring 2022 Board of Director's meeting: Future Meeting Information

Each summer the CSLSA hosts one regional competition for lifeguards and junior lifeguards called the California Surf Life Saving Championships. This event is usually held during the third week of July each year and open only to the CSLSA membership from the 30 Chapters/Agencies. The CSLSA is a Regional member of the United States Lifesaving Association (USLA).

The 2020 California Surf Lifesaving Championships were postponed as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

CSLSA Lifesaving Sport Results Archive

2023 - Newport Beach - 7/22/2023
2022 - Huntington State Beach - 7/23/2022
2021 - Huntington State Beach - 7/24/2021
2020 - Cancelled (Covid)
2019 - Carpinteria - 7/27/2019
2018 - Silver Strand State Beach - 7/28/2018
2017 - Silver Strand State Beach - 7/22/2017
2016 - Huntington State Beach - 7/23/2016
2015 - Huntington State Beach - 7/25/2015
2014 - Huntington State Beach - 7/26/2014 
2013 - Newport Beach - 7/27/2013
2012 - Newport Beach - 7/28/2012
2011 - Seal Beach - 7/23/2011
2010 - Pacific Beach - 7/24/2010
2009 - Seal Beach - 7/25/2009
2008 - Seal Beach - 7/26/2008
2007 - Huntington Beach City - 7/28/2007
2006 - Redondo Beach - 8/5/2006
2005 - Long Beach - 7/23/2005
2004 - Long Beach - 7/24/2004
2003 - Zuma Beach - 7/26/2003
2002 - Will Rogers State Beach - 7/27/2002


Similarly, during the first week of August each year the USLA hosts one national competition. The USLA National Championships are open only to members of the eight regions of the USLA.
View past results of the USLA National Championships.

Lifeguard competitors must be a bona-fide professional member of a USLA chapter affiliated lifeguard service or a retired professional lifeguard receiving a pension from said lifeguard service. Foreign competitors must apply in writing to the USLA National Committee for a waiver of eligibility requirements and will not be eligible for awards or points. A non-professional member may compete if they were a professional member for three seasons/years and maintain their membership in the USLA. Non-professional members must donate 24 hours a season to their USLA Chapter Lifeguard Agency in service not connected to lifesaving sport. An application for a non-professional member must be submitted to the USLA Competition Chairman. Competitors must have paid their USLA dues to their appropriate Regional Treasurer prior to commencement of USLA Championships.

Many other GREAT (lifeguard related) events are scheduled each year up and down the coast of California. Other events have a rich tradition like the MEGA COLOSSUS hosted by the Huntington State Beach lifeguards every August.


Lifesaving Sport Rules:

All CSLSA competitions strictly adhere to USLA Board of Directors'-approved rules. Complete copies of the following are in Adobe Acrobat format.


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