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Volunteer Opportunities

There are many areas in which a volunteer can serve and contribute significantly to the success of an event or program. Volunteering takes many forms, such as committee work, competition course managing, overseas training, hosting New Zealand guards, or public education booth support. The California Surf Lifesaving Association welcomes volunteers to serve in the following areas.

Project Wipeout
The mission of Project Wipeout, as part of a non-profit community hospital, is to save lives and prevent injuries at our beaches, both locally and nationwide, by developing and distributing Beach Safety information. As plans are being developed to expand this 32-year old program to all of California, there is a great need for volunteers. Activities include collaborating with teachers in the presentation of materials, dispensing information in educational booths at community events, and helping with the annual Lifeguard Seminar (Hoag Hospital). Call 949/764-5501 (Project Wipeout) or contact the CSLSA public education chair at education@cslsa.org.


CSLSA Surf Lifesaving Championship
The CSLSA summer regional competition for lifeguards and junior lifeguards has many needs for volunteers. Various activities include recording scores, digging holes to set flags/start/finish lines, handing out tongue blades for finishes, marshaling, handing out awards, holding flags in the water, and registering participants. Please contact our Junior Guard chairs at jrguards@cslsa.org (or) our Lifesaving Sport chair at lifesavingsport@cslsa.org.

CSLSA/New Zealand Exchange Program
Each year two visiting lifeguards from New Zealand visit Southern California beaches in July for six weeks. Similarly, two lifeguards from California visit the coastline of New Zealand during January for six weeks. Volunteers are always needed for hosting the New Zealand guards. If interested, please contact the CSLSA Exchanges chairs at exchanges@cslsa.org.


International Surf Lifesaving Association (ISLA)

Numerous CSLSA members have partaken in lifesaving efforts abroad with the International Surf Lifesaving Association (ISLA). Typical volunteer missions last anywhere from 3-14 days and can involve, for example, the management of training academies or participation in disaster relief. The ISLA's mission is to explore ways to create or help maintain sustainable lifesaving programs across the world. We recommend that you visit their website at www.islasurf.org for more information.